In Amber Clad

In Amber Clad transcripted for piano by B.B. Another beautiful piece by Marty and Mike. It's the 12th track in the Halo 2 Soundtrack v1. And you can hear it during the level "Delta Halo". Hope you enjoy!
lvl 1-5: 3.62

Note: In measure 6 and 16, you might want to hold that 'e' with the left hand instead.

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Nice, though I hate five sharps!

[quote=Cade51]Nice, though I hate five sharps![/quote]
Sorry, but that's the right key. I found it actually comfortable playing it myself. Anyways thanks for your comment!

lol, 3.62 difficulty, anyways, if this is the easy version you should also upload the harder one. Oh, by the way, this song can be heard at the beggining of this trailer Haloid by Monty Oum. I reccomend that you all watch it. Here is the link:

Very Refreshing. It didn't turn out to be what I thought it was, making me mistaken, but it was nice anyways because after a while I was like "OOOHHHH, That one!"