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Custom Forge Map Database Opens

With the release of the Foundry map, especially targeted for users of Halo 3's map editor, Forge, opens its Forge Maps database. Users can submit their maps with a screenshot, descriptions, and links to the map posts on, as well as rate maps submitted by other users.

Submit your own maps today (registered users only-- we have to know whose map it is!).

Then, you can browse the other maps in the database. You can search and sort them based on what weapons, vehicles, or equipment they contain, as well as by rating, by author, by title, by popularity, and by what original map they are based on.

Rampancy is happy to have HawaiianPig's Foundry-based map of mongoose mayhem, DeathCross, as its first official entry.

If you have any questions at all about how to submit your map or how the database works, email me at, send me a private message, or just post a comment.



The links don't seem to work ..

Looking forward to it, though. Should be great! :D

[quote=Anonymous]The links don't seem to work ..[/quote]

Which ones? They all work here.. logged in or anonymous. Of course the "submit map" link will bring you to a login page if you're not logged in.

What browser are you using? It's OK here in Safari or Firefox 2/3.

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