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Title Postersort descending Date
Trickity Trick Five Anonymous (not verified) 09.25.07
My Music Video Anonymous (not verified) 09.04.07
Summer Slaying HBO Junkies LAN blackstar 09.02.03
Asshole blackstar 05.26.02
Crota's End Necrochasm Only... blackstar 07.27.15
Plasmarines BOLL 04.08.06
Yellow Banshee BOLL 04.08.06

Sheet Music

Title Transcriber Date
Fat Man (remixed) Anonymous (not verified) 03.14.07
Halo Main Theme Music Transcri... Anonymous (not verified) 06.16.05
Leonidas, Third Movement Of De... Anonymous (not verified) 02.05.07
Halo Theme Orchestra Edition /... Anonymous (not verified) 08.07.07
Uphill, Both Ways 123_presto 05.09.10
Tribute for Orchestra Andybeano 04.24.08
Installation 04 for String Orc... assisstion 02.01.12

FAQ Call

Having lost (okay, misplaced... grumble) my old list of questions, I'm going through our FAQ and revising it with the newest information available on Halo. Thus far, I have about half a dozen questions (and substantially fewer answers, but I'm working on it)...

Which is where you come in--if you have a question, answered or not, that you think should be on the FAQ, please email me or reply to the forum post below. The more questions, the better, and more useful the FAQ.

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