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Community Reacts To Bungie's Regained Independence

Here are more links to articles on Bungie's bombshell announcement:

Nobody asked Bungie about the rumored separation in the thread for this week's update, but Frankie dished on it anyway. Effective October 1, Bungie is an independent company with a long-term publishing agreement with Microsoft Game Studios for Halo games.

GameDailyBiz interviewed Frankie about Bungie's new status.

Kotaku conducted a short email interview with Brian "SketchFactor" Jarrard to find out what's next for Bungie.

7th Columnist reposts the press release and invites community comments.

The Hushed Casket also reposts the press release, with reader comments.

8bitjoystick, who broke the story originally, gets to say I told you so.

For other stories, see:

Mainstream media have also picked up the story:

The Macintosh press is having a field day with the news, given Bungie's track record as an independent game developer with its roots on the Mac platform:

There's not much commentary yet, but John Dvorak weighed in, apparently just before the announcement went public.

Louis Wu at HBO responds with wonga as he is wont to do. There are also threads (one, two) in the HBO Forum.

On behalf of Rampancy's founder, Ferrex, I'll say zang as I'm sure he would have, or perhaps even has at some time in the recent past, deep within Bungie's headquarters for world domination. Perhaps even kudos are in order.



Ferrex founded Rampancy? Shows how much I know.

Yup. Him and Malory. Later came Noctavis, and myself, and a bunch of other people over the years. It's only lately that it's been just me.

In fact, it was Ferrex who did the logo and registered the domain "" originally. The idea was to have a name that was Bungie-specific but not tied to any particular game.

Rampant for over se7en years.

SteveBallmer wrote:
I have to tell ya, those Bungie guys do some really good work. If it weren't for them there would be no xBox, we needed a killer app, they had one, we bought 'em, period!
Their contract was for 3 Halos, they delivered. Halo 3 in the first week has brought in $300,000,000! This one release will finally put xBox over the top! We will actually make money for the entire division. Bungie has served it's purpose, now we say hasta la Vista baby!

So you ask, "why didn't you just resign these guys?"

I can put it in just one word: "ATTITUDE!"

You see money isn't everything (yes I said that).
The problem with these people was that at heart they were still a bunch of die-hard, sanctimonious, peta-eating, holier-than-thou, proud, elitist, you-are-lucky-to-have-me-here, overpaid, always late for company meetings, self-righteous, superior minded, perfectionist, Microsoft hating, backstabbing, two faced, Vista sneering, over indulged Macintosh loving, Jobs worshiping, iTards!
So I say, "thanks fo' da money honey, but hit the bricks now!"

They actually think that they can be successful without us. lol
They will come crawling back on their bellies within a year or two, humbled, right attitudes, compliant, willing to use active x!
(That's why I'm CEO, I can see the BIG picture)

In the interim I am forming a team of real MS employees to replace these hacks, we will be taking MS gaming back to it's roots! Look for GeekWad 2008!

I realize it's a fake blog and it's supposed to be funny, but I thought it was just worth commenting:

As far as anyone knows, Bungie was not "under contract" to produce 3 Halo games. They were bought in 2000 for an undisclosed sum, and have now been sold (or spun off, if you prefer) into a separate entity in which Microsoft is a minority shareholder and there are other, undisclosed private shareholdings.

It wasn't an issue of "re-signing". Bungie apparently wanted to take risks Microsoft wouldn't underwrite, and rather than have the studio dissolve or evaporate slowly, it was spun off to maintain its integrity (as well as the continuation of the Bungie connection to the Halo franchise and the partnership between Bungie and MGS).

Rampant for over se7en years.