Massively Multiplayer Online Halo?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun thinks that a Halo MMO might be coming. Writer Jim Rossignol comes up with a laundry list of reasons why, some of which I don't find entirely convincing.

I'd probably play it if they made it, though. I originally thought Halo-- the first game-- would be something like PlanetSide. It'd be nice to finally see a game like that in a universe as compelling as Halo's.



I did love PlanetSide when it first came out, but I think a Halo MMO would not sit well with me. Call me stubborn, but I think the Halo series is done and over. Any new games, especially if not made by Bungie, would seem like rehashings of what has been done before, mooching off the former glory of Halo.
I do make somewhat of an exception for Halo Wars, since I was a Age of Empires fan long before Halo came around.

I agree with what you are saying. I would like to see a Halo MMO universe. However with the trilogy complete, I think we should let it go. I have heard talks of Halo 4, but nothing solid.

Here is a link to some info...