In With The New... And Push The Old Stuff Over A Bit

To cope with all the new things we're tracking now, we've made some additions to the site. There is now a Halo Wars image gallery and a mirror of the QuickTime version of the Halo Wars trailer; this is a mirror of the same file provided at HBO and re-encoded by Louis Wu.

The image gallery has the five official images from the website, as well as a series of 17 screen captures from the QuickTime trailer.

There are also keyword tags for Ensemble Studios, for Halo Wars, for Wingnut Interactive and for their upcoming series of Halo games, which for the moment we are codenaming BLAM because no title has been announced.

The Features menu in the left sidebar has a new widget for Ensemble, and this is where the Halo Wars content will live. If you've got javascript enabled, each of the hierarchical menus with a triangle sign can be open or closed without reloading the page by clicking the triangle.