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Are you interested in the Halo Wars RTS?

Heck, yes.
83% (1555 votes)
God, no.
8% (149 votes)
Halo What?
9% (165 votes)
Total votes: 1869


now all we need is a Halo MMORPG...

How could any halo fan not be interested in the new Halo RTS AND for people who dont know what RTS is, it means Real Time Strategy. I am really interested and i have watched the trailer like a million times it's going to be a terrific game and think if it could be live! I'm a real big fan of RTS games so versing someone over the internet on an RTS is my dream. That's all i have to say about that.

Well I am interested in the game because it is Halo. I don't favor RTS games but I think they are all right. The only problem is what good are the perfect graphics if it is a RTS game??? You will not be able to see the extreme detail on the players and objects because they will just be tiny figures that move were ever you tell them to. It would be better if it were like the other Halo games. Well I guess that is what happens when BUNGIE does not make the game. Still I guess I should look at the Upsides of the Halo Wars game.

Lots of yesses I see :D

I'm not extremely excited about Halo Wars. How will it be played on the 360 with only a controller?

Just like FPS games play on a console. Since everybody knows that you can't play an FPS game on a console. Those belong on a computer so you can use a keyboard and mouse!

Rampant for over se7en years.