In honor of Chris Butcher, we ask: Can you fucking play Halo 2 multiplayer?

Hell, yes.
67% (124 votes)
Sometimes, but it's not as perfect as everybody thinks.
18% (34 votes)
No, I'm saving myself for Halo 3, just like Butcher.
15% (27 votes)
Total votes: 185
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I've seen a dozen or more general interest gaming site pick up on Butcher's comment that he can't play Halo 2 multiplayer because it reminds him too much of the polish time Bungie didn't get on the title, and how far the game as released was from what it might have been.

Of course, this has been interpreted as an admission by Bungie that Halo 2 sucks, which I think was not Butcher's intent. Rather, it's an expression of the axiom that one's reach should always exceed one's grasp.

Rampant for over se7en years.

What I saw in Butcher's comment was the anguish of a perfectionist over what might have been had there been "just one more pass..."; been there, done that more than once myself. Apparently what others also saw in the comment was validation of their own opinions, whatever they were. I just wish GS had kept the comment in context, as EDGE had done.

I will say that I voted "Hell, yes", but that the raft of poor sportsmanship out there (endemic to the whole of gaming, and not just Halo) kept me away for quite a bit. Now, if Halo 3 can implement the Gold Feedback system with just a little extra juice... that'd be as big an innovation in online play as the party system was for Halo 2.

-- Steve