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Catch Skull: Pull pin. Count to three. Throw.

The Catch skull is on the level [b] The Storm. [/b] The effect is it makes EVERYTHING get more grenades. When I mean everything, I mean everything. One day while I was playing I had a flood throw a sticky at me. A STICKY+FLOOD=ldjfhglisudgbslbv

[i][b]ADMIN NOTE:[/b] I've never seen Flood throw grenades, even on Cortana on legendary with the Catch skull on, so I'm not actually sure this is possible.[/i]

I couldn't believe it! Oh well, it only happened [b] once [/b] so I doubt it will ever happen again. Anyways, onto finding the skull.

[b] Step one [/b]
After you get into the first area with the two Wraiths (one normal, one Anti-Air) kill all enemy infantry.

[b] Step two [/b]
Kill all the ghosts.

[b] Step three [/b]
Kill the brutes in both of the Wraith turrets
[b] !!!!!!WARNING!!!!!! [/b]
Don't kill the wraiths, only their gunners.

[b] Step four [/b]
There is a big pillar to the right of the Anti-Air Wraith, grenade jump onto it OR take the warthog from the begining of the level and sit it next to the pillar. Once it is next to the pillar, jump ontto the pillar.

[b] Step five [/b]
The skull is right in front of you. Unless you don't want the skull, pick it up.

Another 10g=^_^
Happy Skull Hunting!

Also, I probably won't post another skull guide for a couple of days just to let some of you find the skulls on your own. ^_^



Got a film of that grenade-throwing Flood? :)

Rampant for over se7en years.

Lemme check. I hope it's still there...

I've done some experiments, and it seems that the skull's presence is tied to the life of a single individual - the pilot of the standard plasma-mortar Wraith on the corner platform with the exit door. The skull disappears only when he dies. You can kill everyone else with impunity, or leave them alive.

It's pure coincidence, of course, that this individual has the means and opportunity to make it difficult to place a vehicle at the high point of the tower base for use as a jump platform...

I'm sorry to object but thats not possible. I killed everything all the enemies and saved the regular wraith tank (barely) and though it took me two chances to get it.

the first try it disappeared on me when I went to get my wraith to use as a stepping ladder. I saw it up there, you can see it in plain sight with a scope but when I finally got up it was gone.

My second attempt ran much quicker than the first.. so it may be a time limit you have to get it.

I think you've misunderstood. The above says that when you kill that Wraith's pilot, the skull despawns.

If you're jacking the Wraith, you're killing the pilot-- so the skull will despawn at that point.

The above suggests leaving that Wraith alone and killing everything else before attempting to get the skull.

It's not a time limit. But if you kill or jack that Wraith, it'll be gone. If you want to make a stepladder, use hogs and/or ghosts.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Then explain to me how I obtained the skull by jacking the wraith? My experience contradicts what has been said.

I'll go play the level again, and go through my whole procedure then upload the clip to

Also I ran my skull collecting campaign on heroic instead of legendary.

Oh and I did say before that the skull disappeared the first time I jacked the wraith, why did it remain the second time?

UPDATE: Before anyone replies, I've been at trying to reproduce my original results for a good hour or so now... with little success. On a few occasions the skull would remain after hi-jacking the wraith but when the camera shifts to turn around the skull would disappear. Anyone willing to offer an explanation as to why my original attempt succeeded?

Magic? ^_^

As the author of the contended post, perhaps I should explain how I reached my conclusion:

I observed multiple run-throughs of this section in replay, each time freezing the action just after the entry door opened, detaching the camera, flying it over to the skull platform, and setting it up to look back over the platform with a good overview of the arena, then re-starting the action.

The skull is not present as you enter. It doesn't spawn until at or about the first checkpoint after that, which appears to be consistent with the spawning of the Wraith pilot, off-scene, before the Phantom carrying the Wraith enters.

In every variant I tried, the despawn (thanks for the word, Narcogen) trigger appeared to be the death of the Wraith pilot.

It is, of course, possible that there are other factors at work. All I can say is that this theory accounts for what I have personally observed, in multiple cases.

Incidentally, if anyone does try to exploit this apparent linkage, most vehicles in the arena will very likely have been destroyed by the time all other enemies have been eliminated. However, there's an overturned troop-carrier Warthog on the lakebed just below the entry door which is screened from the Wraith by the central pier. The top of the roll-cage makes a perfect jump platform. Also, while the Wraith will quickly destroy any vehicle you place, it won't fire on you while you're up on top, collecting the skull.

If your skull never spawns in the first place, it's because you need to beat the whole game on at least normal. That's what happened to me

If your skull never spawns in the first place, it's because you need to beat the whole game on at least normal. That's what happened to me

OK guys i sit here everyday trying to figure out this stupid catch skull.. i makes me mad. ive heard soo many theories to optain this skull. one for instance is that there is a time limit, another is that you need to beat the whole game on normal or higher for the skull to even work on the storm level. i really need help. if you have a accurate and comfirmed way to do get it. i would really like to know

thxs :)

Why not just send me a friend request and I'll get it for you ^_^

this thing dust work ive tried everything .... whats wrong with it ... can anyone please help me :(

When i try to get the skull the marines kill the wraiths to quick for me to have a chance to get the skull.Is there any more methods to get onto the platform where the skull is?

Kill the marines.

Dude i did everything it said in the specified order and i still can't get it.I'm playing on normal difficulty.Why isn't it working?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yea i agree with anonmous its not FREAKING WORKING. Nothing is Bungie is a retard ive done everything for at least a week now! Ive tried killing all and leaving the wraith pilot alone, ive tried leaving all wraith alone ive done every damn thing!

Ive done it again and nothing yet!!!!!!!!

lol.... i agree wid ppl saying tht dont kill da wraith thing.... but y wont it eva lik apper!!!!!!!

der thing is i do lots of different methods, but none of then wok wid mine and i completed halo3 on herioc and half way through legendairy....... i gonna get xboxlive and ma m8 will get it for me:)

wow thanks.ur advise sum wut worked i mean i font no bar or aanything i jist piled up gost and jupt up .

i tried this like 7 times today and nothing happins ... first i tried not killing anything at all ... and the skull wusnt there ... then i tried your step by step derections ... and nothing .... whats going on i dont understand!! ... this is the last skull i need and its not working ... i want that hayabusa helmet!!!

i tried this like 7 times today and nothing happins ... first i tried not killing anything at all ... and the skull wusnt there ... then i tried your step by step derections ... and nothing .... whats going on i dont understand!! ... this is the last skull i need and its not working ... i want that hayabusa helmet!!!

i dont get this gay skull !!! = you said when you enter the area with the wraiths that with a scope you can see the skull ... i took the sniper and i cudnt see it ... like it wusnt there.

if anyone can add my email its :::

and mabbe you can tell me what me doing wrong

thanks :D

i only killed the wraith gunner and it was there

also i have seen a sticky flood

ill try again and see if the skull apears after a while .... does it appear right away ?

wow i do it over and over and i have no problems getting up there its just the skulls not there ... i took a sniper and i steared at the area and nothing .... not even when the waith landed. whats going on here ???????? :(

I've been trying to get this skull all day today, I've tried numerous amount of methods but nothing,it's irritating the shit out of me.

Seriously, can someone get this for me, or what add my GT: socks01

Word to the wise-- invite someone to play coop if you want their help getting the skull, but DO NOT let them recover your GT and get it for you-- you'll very likely either get your account stolen or banned.

Rampant for over se7en years.


i dont think so

i now how to get the iwhbyd skull you have to jamp in the rings this is the rell namber 7 5 4 2 1 3 4 3 5 4 AM NOT joking .........but how i get the storm skull this is the last skull i need it ween i chang my profiles i sey the storm skull am not joking!!!!!!!!!![/quote]

iwhbyd skull jumap throw the rings the rell ordwe is 7542134234354 ok bye ever1 my email is

The actual number is 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 and its much easier to just go on youtube and watch a walkthrough but just a heads up,,,,, the hardest part is actually jumping through the rings it took me like three times to do it because jumping through the rings is the hardest part... i suggest staring at the floor then jumpoing because then youll be sure you jumped through it.... but yeah thats the actual order, good luck. But also ive been trying for the past week to get this skull and it just isnt working and its leading me to believe that maybe you can only have one attempt per day/ 24 hours. So one attempt then it doest spawn again untill 24 hours... i dont have proof but its just a thought. Good Luck with both skulls!!!!

man i can't get this skull it sucks dang it all i need is the cowbell skull and the catch skull and i got them all someone help me i tried leaveing the wraiths alone i tried everything and i can't even jump up thier i mean wtf is that about i mean come on i have to use a gernade while on a hog to get up their i beg someone help me