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Great Multiplayer Game WW3

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Great Multiplayer Game WW3
I know this kid HITMAN0224, and i was in one of his rooms. we were playing a game he made called WORLD WAR 3. It was the greatest game i've played, so i asked him if i could post the game online, and obviously he said yes so here is the game varient set up for this game. Map: Any large map: coag,. headlong, waterworks. players: 10-16 Teams: 2 Green and Brown Match options: Rounds: first to 2 Score to win round: 250 or 100 Round time limit: none Rounds reset map: off resolve ties: on Player options: Max active players: 16 lives per round: unlimited respawn time: 3 sec. suicide penalty: none sheild type: no shields ( this makes it like a real war ) Motion sensor: OFF ( this makes it like a real war ) active camo: off extra damage: off damage resistant: off Team options: team play: on team scoring: sum team changing: on or off ( off recommended ) friendly fire: on respawn time modifier: none betrayal penalty: 10 sec. ( you can change this ) force even teams: on or off Slayer options: EVERYTHING OFF Vehicle options: Vehicle respawn time: map default Primary light vehicle: Warthog Secondary light vehicle: Gauss warthog Primary heavy vehicle: Scorpion tank (remember there are NO SHIELDS so takeing out a tank wouldn't be hard) Banshee: OFF Primary AND Secondary turret: Large Machine Gun Equipment options: Starting weapon: SMG Secondary weapon: None Starting grenades: On Weapons on Map: HUMAN Weapon respawn time: Map default or half time ( for easy ammo ) or double time or no respawn ( so the only way to get ammo is to wait or take it from a dead body ) Grenades on map: On Overshields: OFF Active Cammo: OFF This may take a while to make but it is worth it. These settings make it seem like a real all out human war. If u see HITMAN0224, compliment him.
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my game
What i think is fun is all pistols, no shields, and small levels(I reccomend lockout).
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Dawn of the dead
This is fun, and simple. you have 2 teams, humans(red)and zombies(green). primary weapons must be shotguns, and secondary weapons are swords. The team change option must be on. This works best with 100 or 250 kills. when you start there should be 1 zombie(green)and everyone else a human(red).Humans can ONLY use shotguns And zombies use swords. if you are killed by a zombie you MUST CHANGE TO THE GREEN TEAM. I reccomend 10-16 players and the level Headlong.
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