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Transcript of Major Nelson's Interview With Marty O'Donnell At E3 2006

At E3 in 2006, Xbox Live's Major Nelson, who runs the unofficial Xbox blog, interviewed Bungie's Audio Director Marty O'Donnell about the Halo 3 announcement trailer.

Below is an unofficial transcript of that interview.

Major Nelson: All right, Major Nelson, here, in Hollywood, with the man himself, Marty O'Donnell. Hi, Marty.

Marty O'Donnell: Hi, how are you doing?

Major Nelson: I'm doing well, how are you doing?

Marty O'Donnell: I'm doing really good.

Major Nelson: So you're the man behind that-- the music behind that trailer that we just saw.

Marty O'Donnell: Right, right, absolutely.

Major Nelson: Sounds like the next project, which I guess we can now call Halo 3...

Marty O'Donnell: Halo 3, look, we got it, right here...

Major Nelson: Look, it's the very first t-shirt, right there. So I guess the next project-- it's got a different sound to it.

Marty O'Donnell: Yeah, well... the original intent was to not let anybody know that this is Halo. So we wanted the first 40 or 50 seconds to be, "gee, I wonder what game this is?" And so that's why we went in that direction. We just wanted to slowly build up the tension, reveal Master Chief, and then take it from there.

And plus, the other thing is, we really wanted it to be an announcement; it's a fanfare; so it has this big, blasting fanfare-feel to it.

Major Nelson: So, do we have to wait another year for another trailer?

Marty O'Donnell: Oh.. I'm sure we'll have.. just who knows how many things we'll have?

Major Nelson: Marty O'Donnell, the man who is in charge of all the audio behind the Halo series, right here. Marty, thanks for stopping by.

Marty O'Donnell: Thanks a lot.




If you mean the podcast interview itself, it's at Major Nelson's blog-- Search the podcasts in iTunes for "major nelson" and you'll find it.

If you mean the soundtrack albums to Halo or Halo 2, try your local music store or

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