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Trickity Trick Five Anonymous (not verified) 09.25.07
My Music Video Anonymous (not verified) 09.04.07
Crota's End Necrochasm Only... blackstar 07.27.15
Summer Slaying HBO Junkies LAN blackstar 09.02.03
Asshole blackstar 05.26.02
Plasmarines BOLL 04.08.06
Halo Flamethrower BOLL 08.08.03

Sheet Music

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Halo Main Theme Music Transcri... Anonymous (not verified) 06.16.05
Leonidas, Third Movement Of De... Anonymous (not verified) 02.05.07
Halo Theme Orchestra Edition /... Anonymous (not verified) 08.07.07
Fat Man (remixed) Anonymous (not verified) 03.14.07
Uphill, Both Ways 123_presto 05.09.10
Tribute for Orchestra Andybeano 04.24.08
Installation 04 for String Orc... assisstion 02.01.12

Halo 3 Tricks, Glitches And Easter Eggs

Here you can restrict your search for Halo 3 Tricks by map.

Want to submit a trick? Register, login, and go to and make sure you select the tags "trick", "halo 3" and "spoiler (h3)".

Be sure to include a link to a screenshot or saved film from If you have an actual rendered video, as well, you can submit it as well.

Trick Submittersort descending Date
easy hunter kills halo2 gamer 10.05.07
The Unnamed skull spartanNO117 09.16.07
blind skull spartanNO117 09.16.07
Sign on Zanzibar spartanNO117 09.16.07
sputnik skull spartanNO117 09.16.07
ride regret's chair and beat some some sense into it spartanNO117 09.06.07
hunter one shot kill spartanNO117 09.06.07
grunt's B-DAY skull spartanNO117 09.04.07
swordroom narcogen 09.04.07
A Lot of Guns narcogen 09.04.07
roofs4 narcogen 09.04.07
More Empty Racks narcogen 09.04.07
Wraith Wreckage Symbol? narcogen 09.04.07
hidden sword narcogen 09.04.07
Hey, Where Did They Go? narcogen 09.04.07