Halo 3 Skulls

Unlike in Halo 2, where skulls were a last-minute addition, skulls are a fully integrated feature of Halo 3. After you've found one, you can activate it in the Campaign Settings screen of your pre-game lobby. Gold skulls offer achievements and campaign scoring multipliers, while changing the dynamics of the game, usually in favor of your enemies.

Silver skulls just do cool things.

Skull Submitter Updated
Grunt Birthday Party Skull spartanNO117 10.08.07
Blind Skull narcogen 10.08.07
Iron narcogen 10.08.07
Black Eye narcogen 10.09.07
Grunt Birthday Party narcogen 10.12.07
Tough Luck narcogen 01.16.08
Famine Skull: Trust Us, Bring A Magazine NThro_Sraom 10.13.07
Catch Skull: Pull pin. Count to three. Throw. NThro_Sraom 10.13.07
Cowbell Skull spartanNO117 10.21.07
Thunderstorm NThro_Sraom 11.03.07
Fog: You'll wish you had those eyes in the back of your head. NThro_Sraom 11.14.07
Thunderstorm Skull spartanNO117 12.10.07
Secrect Skull and Trolley Fling Skull-Seeker95 02.18.08
The Man With The Iron Skull: Part One narcogen 07.09.08
IDk Anonymous (not verified) 09.05.08