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An anonymous source at Apple has, via email, suggested that Apple has a new, high quality Halo trailer (possibly the rumored official one), which is to be featured in Apple's Quicktime Showcase in the near future. The quality has been compared to the recent Star Wars: Episode 1 trailer, though no more info was forthcoming.


Next Generation Online has posted an interview with Bungie's Nathan Bitner, a frequent poster on the Halo forums. Focussed on development, it's a great read--here's an excerpt:


Well, in light of the new articles, the FAQ will be seeing a considerable update in the next few hours, including such topics as vehicles, guesturing, and the setting.

Remember, if you have any questions you'd like to see answered, pass them along, and I'll do my best to get an answer for them. Vee have vays of making people talk...


Day of the acronyms! Many thanks to Cunbelin for letting me know about a new, detailed Halo preview at I'm just reading through it now, but first impressions are good... another one worth checking out.


Kudos to Mal, who pointed out that Mac Gamer's Ledge has quite a few Halo items in their news today. Some interesting links (enough for a bookmarking of the page), definitely worth checking out.


While we're on the topic, most of the active parts of the site have been switched over to the new layout now, and the inactive parts will be changed as well in the next few days. The only major, remaining obstacle is the Forum, but an hour or two of enraged shouting should bring it in line as well. Apologies in advance for missing cookies...


After a grueling, multi-hour effort to decipher my own code, I've managed to get the Database working more or less how I want it.

There are still some formatting errors inside some articles, but I'll be weeding those out as I find them... if you find that something isn't working right, it's probably because I have my hand stuck in the gears. Just give me a chance to pull it out, and try again in a few minutes.


IMG will be hosting a chat with Bungie West's Brent Pease, Oni's project leader, in their chat room on August 11th at 9:00pm BST. While it will be primarily Oni related (watch Onicore for details there), you never know when a Halo question might slip in.


An interesting tidbit from Jester (I think that's you, correct me if I'm wrong :) regarding a higher res version of the MWNY video. In response to this email:

I was informed that I should direct my request for a Halo Hi-rez to you......have fun wading through e-mails the next few days

Gamespot's Micheal Mullen replied:


Kudos to Maul for pointed out a new Halo preview at Gamecenter. No new pictures, alas, but some interesting tidbits in the article, including this estimate of completeness:

The developers estimated that they have finished only a third of the work necessary to complete the project, but what they have done so far is definitely a step in the right direction.

Only a third done...