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As posted in the forum, mad.max has started a new Halo@Home group within the ever expanding SETI@Home distributed computing project. Like other groups, this is simply a group of users working and contributing under the same name, for the glory of the group as a whole.

Somewhere in the heavens, they are waiting... check out the forum post or the official page for more information on joining.


After a brief outage yesterday, is back, sporting a new page layout, as well as amusing picture of Bungie beta testers . They've also posted a report on the changes in the color of the Halo logo... looks like a simple case of more cyan to me.


Apparently the magazine exclusives have expired, because Bungie has posted a clean, non-watermarked copy of their second screenshot at their Screenshots page.

You've likely seen it already, but it's nicer to collect mint edition screenshots...


Crashed has announced his new Halo site, the Praetorian Militia. Choosing to specialize in Halo order/clans instead of news, his site is intended to be a roster of Halo groups and their players. Thinking of starting one up? Stop by and check it out.


If you were looking for Oni info, then it was a good place to be (despite the relative chaos). As for Halo info, very little, if any was given, so don't worry if you missed out on it. About the only remotely Halo related tidbit was that Oni will not be set in the same universe as Halo or Marathon...

For a wrap up of the interview, you might want to check out Onicore in the next day or so, as they're sure to be dissecting it in more detail than I will be.


Kudos to Crashed, who pointed out that the second half of Mac Game News' Halo preview has been posted. Focussing on weapons, it's a must read, and will provide material for another FAQ update tonight. Be sure to stop by and check it out.


A quick reminder: IMG will be hosting a chat with Bungie West's Brent Pease in about two hours time, at 9:00pm CST. Yours truly will be sitting in, listening for any interesting tidbits, and if you've got any Oni questions, be sure to stop by.


A quick item of interest for users of the Macintosh Voodoo2 and Voodoo3 reference drivers. 3Dfx has updated them both, fixing a few bugs and adding the ability to flash your ROM back to its PC state. Here they are:

Let's hope this isn't the end of 3Dfx's support for these drivers.


Marathon's Story has pointed out an article at Mac Central regarding the now infamous Gamespot Macworld Expose article. Included in it is a statement from Bungie contradicting one of the centerpiece quotes in the article... worth taking a look at.


First off, the FAQ has been updated with new information from yesterday's crop of articles, and will probably get another update tonight when the second half of the MGN preview is posted.

Next, the Forum has been converted over to the new format, and is chugging away quite nicely... thus far. Watch for bug fixes over the next few days. Or don't, if such things don't interest you.