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When it rains, it pours... I can't remember who said that, and I'm in too much of a rush to care (at least this didn't happen yesterday!).

Marathon's Story has posted a new letter from Cortana, a letter which sources suggest is indeed legitimate. And an interesting letter it is--they'll be dissecting it at Marathon's Story for a few weeks to come. Theories are, of course, welcomed on the forum here at at, so don't sit idly by--get involved!


Another tidbit from Cunbelin... not Blam related, but that's par for the course so far.

Power of Seven, the person/group responsible for the Marathon 2 and Infinity theme songs, have released aforementioned themes for download in that wonderful MPEG-3 format that we all know and love. They may not top the charts, but they're something for every Marathon'ers collection, assuming you haven't ripped your own copies yet.


Kudos to Cunbelin, who tipped me off to this one. Mac Gamer's Ledge has posted an interview with Lorraine Reyes, Bungie's Art Director/Creative Director of Marketing and the person responsible for most of the nifty Oni art at Bungie's Oni site.


Just when you thought there was no news, it turns out there was... was, sigh...

Anyway, it turns out an item retracted on the Marathon's Story page was a bit more interesting than I'd initially suspected, and it's generated an interesting thread on the forum.


Well, not much in the way of news to report this week. Nothing at all really, though some interesting discussion about various things still have the forums going (but forums are always like that ;).

In the lull (and thanks to a new notepad and related To Do list), I've dissected the old poll and put up a new one, one directly related to this quiet period before the announcement.

Hopefully MWNY will be bringing some excitement our way...


In an announcement made earlier today, a unidentified source (not anonymous, just indecipherably named) dropped a bombshell announcement: Kap is getting his comet back.


Kudos to Thoth, who pointed out a massive revamp of Bungie's Oni pages.

The first thing that comes to mind is, aptly enough, whoah . And the second thing is hmm, I wonder if there's any Blam teasers hidden in here ... damned to read past everything forever, I guess. Step right up, folks, and try your luck!


After some discussion with various people about the possibility of Blam being used in a Sony commerical, a few interesting points came up.

First, why would Bungie have given Sony (or even Apple, for that matter) a unannounced game for use in a commercial that highlights a completely different product? Money, perhaps, but one must also consider that Bungie has had some bad experiences with stolen beta's in the past, and a studio is hardly the most secure environment in the world, especially for a game as confidential as Blam is turning out to be.


Bit by bit, we stray from the topic... anyway, for the Hotline faithful out there, CPHL is back online and offering a fairly rich gathering place for Bungie oriented folk. Just be sure you read the agreement when you log in (that way, you're less likely to do as I always do and reflexively hit the Disagree button instead of the Agree one... damn reflexes).

That IP addy (shamelessly cut and pasted from the Townhall! bwa hah hah!) is, and guests are welcomed.


Mojo of Halam, who pointed this out to me, summed it up best: heh...just when you look away.

A report handed in to is raising some eyebrows about the use of Blam in an upcoming iMac commercial (stop by and read the report for the low down). Certainly an interesting possibility, though it is heavy on the speculation side right now.