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The Database was beginning to look a bit useless, eh? Three new articles have been added in the last week:

  • Marathon-Myth Connections
    Submitted by Kesh, this article looks at some possible connections between Marathon and Myth, and how they may relate to Blam.


Shortly after making the post on Friday (and feeling real good about myself), I realized that my uncanny gift for stating the utterly obvious had manifested. Yes, it says Blam! , and yes, I am the last person to have figured that out.

That humbling revelation off my shoulders, on to the interesting part. Apparently, the video was censored in postproduction (or censored prior to recording... whatever), and the words Blam! and Dink were placed on the two monitors. However, nobody is quite certain what the third monitor says--the letters are too small to make out.

  • A new poll at, asking you to decipher the mumblings of another Bungie employee ( frog blast the vent core ?).
  • Marathon's Story takes a look at some Marathon sounds in music, and their possible origins (it's more mundane than you think ;).

After looking at the frame from the E3 video posted, something jumped out at me... I managed to fend it off, though, and I'm fine. First, the thing itself:

Then, the thing after a few scales and unsharp masks in Photoshop (hey, I'm a novice at this, sue me):


As reported by Marathon's Story, Bungie has posted a behind the scenes E3 video which may contain a screenshot from a previously unannounced game. It's on my overnight download list, so I can't comment on most of it immediately, but has posted a frame from the movie that shows the screenshot in question.


Hamish Sinclair, of Marathon's Story, has sent word that he has put together a section on Bungie's use of the term Blam . Hamish's news bits about blam date back to May, 1998 when it was first noted that Bungie registered and

Check out the Blam page at MS to find out where the obsession began.


Indeed, Ferrex did overwrite a news item I posted yesterday. Worry not, a beating has been scheduled for him. Here it is again...

As we already know, blam was not announced at E3. However, it was shown behind closed doors to certain parties. The E3 Coverage at MacNN (courtesy of MGL) sheds some light on who these parties are:


Arrrgh, I think I may've overwrote Malory earlier this evening, because Halam is crediting us with uncovering this tidbit, even though I haven't seen anything of it before Mojo posted on it.

Anyway, Mac Gamer's Ledge had a few notes about Blam (and Oni) in their E3 coverage. About the only piece of really interesting info is that Blam is an action title being developed by a team headed by (no surprise) Jones.


Still not Blam news, but it's noteworthy, and I did report on it yesterday... in a thread at the Townhall's Community Forum, TychoMax reports mutiny within the MaraMyth team, while other members rebut that claim. Worth checking out if you're watching the Myth to Marathon conversion scene.

Well, nobody was expecting a lot of news, were they? Forum is reportedly fixed, poll is going rather nicely, another article for the Database is in the works... slow day on the news front.

I know it says News and Rumors at the top of the page, but I'm no good at breeding rumors or hype... join us in praying for an imminent announcement. ;)