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Warthog Jump by Randall Glass narcogen 04.15.02
Halo Hurricane by Skavenger narcogen 04.15.02
Breaking The Rules (Team Overkill) narcogen 04.20.02
HaloST3K narcogen 05.26.02
Asshole blackstar 05.26.02
Warthog Jump Revisited by Randall Glass narcogen 06.01.02
Evolution Of Halo by Bungie, recorded by... narcogen 06.09.02

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Enough Dead Heroes Poop Scoop 03.12.04
Silent Cartographer Guitar Sol... Poop Scoop 03.17.04
Halo Theme Guitar Tab XvShadow 03.17.04
On A Pale Horse Poop Scoop 08.28.04
The Maw Poop Scoop 08.28.04
Halo: Master And Chief Poop Scoop 08.28.04
Truth And Reconciliation Suite Poop Scoop 02.07.05

An offshoot of the Murphy set, which states if you want it to happen, it will... when you're not there. Mojo of Halam appears to have suffered a crossing with this dread law, but is promising a return... definitely a site to keep an eye on.


Kudos to Butcher and rojay, who both pointed out an interesting new Halo preview at Sharky Extreme (the former through email, and the latter through the forum post below). Some new information in this article, and some fodder for the FAQ... worth checking out.

Forum: Sharky Extreme Preview C&P

After taking a look at the problem, Case discovered that the movie had only half uploaded, and refused to fully upload on subsequent attempts. However, he did upload it here, and that appears to have worked out. To all who downloaded the half finished files, sorry about that foul-up.


A few readers who downloaded the higher quality Demo movie report that it tends to crash halfway through. This could be a sign of a corrupted file, or just a bug in QT4-but no point in taking chances.

Don't download this film. I'll try to get a fresh copy up there later today, just in case. Thanks again to those of you who wrote in to warn me about this, and sorry about that wasted download.


I know, I said I'd retire it for a bit, but some excellent conversation on the Forum has prompted me to re-instate the poll for another week or so.

The topic: what do you think would be a cool name for orders/clans in Halo? A few favorite suggestions posted on the forum are listed below, so cast your vote and help shape things to come!


As promised, a nicer, formatted (edited and complete, too) copy of Freewill's interview of Jason Jones has been posted for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


Hamish of Marathon's Story sent in a note regarding some new inteview movies:

I have just uploaded two new Macworld movies to the Marathon Central ftp site courtesy of Miguel Chavez.

One is a 60+MB high quality version of Miguel's interview with Jason Jones. It's EXACTLY the same as the smaller 20MB movie but the picture and sound quality is better.

And in addition there is a small (<1MB) movie of Jason Jones playing Marathon. Yeah it's short but cool.


Many thanks to Butcher (and Freewill too!) for transcribing Freewill's interview of Jason Jones into the smallest file yet-a text file. Dashing off to work now, but I'll clean it up and make it easier to read when I return tonight. In the meantime, enjoy the many wonders of .txt files!


For those of you daunted by the 20 meg download, has posted an audio only version of Freewill's interview with Jason Jones.


While not a new screenshot, Bungie has updated their Halo page's PR section to include a comprehensive list of press reactions (aka. articles). While most are pretty much cut and pastes of the official PR, it pays to be well read.