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Ack, missed this one in the frenzy yesterday. Bohrhead sends word of a new Halo site, Total Halo, a site geared more towards reader and fan generated content than covering Bungie's every move, which is probably a wiser course of action in these news starved times...


First of all, read the official word on it. This stuff is over my head, and I don't want misinterpret it too much. Basically, Take Two Interactive (Nasdaq: TTWO) is to acquire 19.9% equity interest in Bungie, giving Take 2 distribution rights to Oni, Halo, and two other undisclosed projects (!), while Bungie retains their status as an independant developer.

Kudos to Heady for pointing this one out! IMG has posted an interview with Halo Project Leader Jason Jones, and it's not to be missed. Here's an excerpt:


As posted at IMG, Justin Owens has created a small, imitation Halo movie aimed at exposing Halo's new, envelope pushing AI system... by having an alien aircraft attack a cyborg dummy.

At 4 megs, it's small enough to download, which I'm currently doing. Thus, I can't say much more about it... browser beware. ;)


As posted in the forum, mad.max has started a new Halo@Home group within the ever expanding SETI@Home distributed computing project. Like other groups, this is simply a group of users working and contributing under the same name, for the glory of the group as a whole.

Somewhere in the heavens, they are waiting... check out the forum post or the official page for more information on joining.


After a brief outage yesterday, is back, sporting a new page layout, as well as amusing picture of Bungie beta testers . They've also posted a report on the changes in the color of the Halo logo... looks like a simple case of more cyan to me.


Apparently the magazine exclusives have expired, because Bungie has posted a clean, non-watermarked copy of their second screenshot at their Screenshots page.

You've likely seen it already, but it's nicer to collect mint edition screenshots...


Crashed has announced his new Halo site, the Praetorian Militia. Choosing to specialize in Halo order/clans instead of news, his site is intended to be a roster of Halo groups and their players. Thinking of starting one up? Stop by and check it out.


If you were looking for Oni info, then it was a good place to be (despite the relative chaos). As for Halo info, very little, if any was given, so don't worry if you missed out on it. About the only remotely Halo related tidbit was that Oni will not be set in the same universe as Halo or Marathon...

For a wrap up of the interview, you might want to check out Onicore in the next day or so, as they're sure to be dissecting it in more detail than I will be.


Kudos to Crashed, who pointed out that the second half of Mac Game News' Halo preview has been posted. Focussing on weapons, it's a must read, and will provide material for another FAQ update tonight. Be sure to stop by and check it out.