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As pointed out by several readers, has recieved a serious overhaul. And as Cunbelin pointed out, it likely has implications for the future:

Well I snagged this off the new design and it seemed Halo related

As we release more titles this list will grow, and this site will grow with it.

That little comment is from the Tour page... hmm, anyone?


Many thanks to Case and Tino, who both pointed out the crime of ignorance being committed at PC Paradox: a most anticipated action game poll in which Halo rates a mere 1% of the total vote.

Halo fans, unite! In the old Codex tradition, I call upon our readers to go forth and vote for their most anticipated game, to unite in righteous indignation against our common foe, Duke Nukem Forever (currently in first). There's only around 3500 votes as of this writing, so every vote still counts!


Kudos to the readers who pointed out that has obtained a brief, but interesting MacFormat Halo article. Not a lot of new things, but some info nonetheless, as well as a clarification regarding part of the article, courtesy of Bungie's Doug Zartman.


Marathon's Story has an interesting little tidbit about foresight, the BungieVision newsletter in the Action Sack, and line-ups for Halo/Blam. A lite snack for you Halo starved fiends out there.


After the past few weeks, we should all be breathing a sigh of relief. But, of course, we're chomping at the bit for more. Still no sign, or word, of the new trailer (despite much discussion around it), and any new screenshots are likely to be preceded by a rash of new exclusive website articles.

Stay sharp... Tuesday and Wednesday morning are traditionally major release times, quite possibly due to my traditional absence during them. Grumble...


Just when you thought there'd be no news this weekend, Mojo offers this PR to ease the boredom:

Halam has followed the latest trend and gotten some big baggy jeans -- wait, I mean a forum! Yes, a forum. We already have one for serious discussions, and one for alien discussions... but where does all the rest of the crap go?! RIGHT HERE!.*

* Brought to you by jnco inc.

Another stop for the daily rounds...


Crashed Drugal left a little note on the forum forecasting some downtime at the Praetorian Militia due to some computer woes. The site remains up, but may not be updated for a while--if you're a regular, just keep an eye on it over the next few weeks.


After recieving a number of excellent questions for addition to the FAQ, I've given that slowly growing page an update, adding around half a dozen new questions and revising the answers to some others. Additionally, the Story section is now the Story and World section, to accomodate information regarding Halo's environment as more of it becomes available.


Though there's no new goodies on their site, Bungie is back online and accepting visitors again. Apparently, the problem had something to do with their ISP... seems nobody is safe from their evil ways.


StrobeShock, webmaster at Halo: The Darkside, sends word of a new addition to that rapidly growing site:

I'll have to admit it, to my surprise (and liking) all my hard work has paid off... this site is growing past my expectations. Due to popular request, Halo:the darkside now has a forum.

Check it out @