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web2zone NYC Halo 2 FFA with over $300 guaranteed in Prizes

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web2zone NYC Halo 2 FFA with over $300 guaranteed in Prizes
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Halo 2 FFA with over $300

Halo 2 FFA with over $300 guaranteed in Prizes

This is the time to show your individual skill. Come to the FFA and battle it out against 8 players
in a 3 map series to advance to the next round as one of the top four based on the MLG point system:

1st =9 Points
2nd =7 Points
3rd =6 Points
4th =5 Points
5th =4 Points
6th =3 Points
7th =2 Points
8th =1 Point

From there you continue until the final four play each other in a double elimination 1v1 match. All
FFA’s and 1v1’s are MLG ruled with the maps being Midship for FFA and Warlock for 1v1. Come join the
event and show your competitive edge.

At our last event the Halo 2 4v4 players such as [I]Poison, Vash, Lightking, and Dark Veggito[/I] came
to support and compete at web2zone. They will be back along with other possible players such as [I]Ghost
Ayame, Lil’ Poison,[/I] and a few surprise guests. Be here to compete and show off your skills against
these Halo 2 professionals and show whom the best individual player is.

The Prizes are as follows:

1st Place:$200* + Sponsored Prize

2nd Place: $100* + Sponsored Prize

3rd Place: Sponsored Prize

4th Place: Sponsored Prize

5th Place: Sponsored Prize

6th Place: Sponsored Prize

*Cash Prizes are based on a Tier of at least 22 people attending and will be adjusted based
on the turnout if lower.

The Sponsored Prizes will feature a possible mixture of Logitech Headsets, controllers, Geltabz, a
nd Altec Lansing equipment. Once confirmed, the prizes will be posted on the site immediately

The tournament will be Upstairs and will have it set up with tables and chairs for those entering.
We will be using 4 Tv’s with 2 people on each TV for the 8-man FFA then the 1v1 will be one person
per screen. There will be practice time for those to adjust to the 1 person per screen.

In order to register you must go to and create an account. This account
will help you register for not just that event but for several events. If you have problems with registering
either email me at or go to to sign-up.

The following can do Pre-Paying:

Online with a credit card
Online with PayPal
Going to the store and paying the register directly at least 24 hours before the event.

The Store info:
54 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

The At-the-door registration will be $25, while online or paying before the day of is $20. At-the-door registration
will be from 10am-1130am with the tournament starting at 12 sharp. No exceptions will be made for those who come late
so be on time or pre-pay.

If any of you have questions email me or call me at 646-769-0992. Remember guys we are a community so lets start
getting it together and show everyone we are a united console community. We are strong my friends so let this light
shine our way.

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