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One or Two Members needed..

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One or Two Members needed..
Hey guys, I'm working on making a new clan with my buddy, and it will obviously be very dedicated towards MLG custom gametypes played over Xbox Live. It is our goal that if we can get a good team, we will be able to bond and play together regularly. Hopefully if we can find at least one or two more players, we will be able to put together a clan that will have a competitive chance in everything we play. We would like to be able to find someone we can count on to play Team Slayer with, Minor Clan, and countless MLG Custom games; and play them at a high skill level. Also, I should note that we are going to be signing up and playing in CAL next season if all goes according to plan. Our gamertags are as follows: MLG x RagE MLG x HawK We also have one more member (Capt Pooface), who is also very talented at MLG, and will be making a gamertag to match ours shortly. We do not have any set rules for tryouts, but if you are interested, please post here and send a Friend Request to one of the two gamertags listed above (Rage or Hawk), and please add something in the FR to let us know you are interseted in trying out. Then we'll play a bunch of custom games with you and let you know. Thanks
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hi my gamer tag is tatgar and
hi my gamer tag is tatgar and i want to try out i will send a friend request and let you know thanks
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