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SpartanII dropped a message at the Junkyard forums mentioning a new project he's working on (and soliciting the community's help for); he's creating a Halo-themed mod for Tribes 2 called Zero: Stolen Property. An intriguing concept. An early site for the project is up.


Deimos 3of9 Fawkes over at Subnova put up their Halo 2 trailer stats so far:


Ferrex on RHL pointed out an MSNBC story that says that Greece has made all electronic games illegal, including those on mobile phones, which could place lots of unwary tourists at risk for fines or even prison terms.


Holy Acid Trip, Batman!

A veteran Halo fan movie-creator, Dan Chosich, has pieced together another fine Halo endeavor. It's pretty trippy, nice and with some good gameplay. Submitted first to HBO, but there's no official mirror list yet, so we've temporarily mirrored it.


Matt Soell posted at today that it was Alex The Man Seropian's last official day at Bungie today.


Pyjnir Complex will give away three copies of the Halo Soundtrack to those who can predict the winners of the HNC final:


There seems to be a lot going on in the Bungie community these days. Old sites shutting down, new ones coming online, dead and gone ones resurrecting themselves.

The latest news is the launch of MythDevelopers. Currently they are beta testing Myth 3 on Windows XP. Could this be the start of a Myth renaissance? Stay tuned, and kudos to Zandervix for the note at MBO.


In a rare news post, Oni Central has added new pieces of fan art and fan fiction. If you're still looking for an Oni fix, this is your lucky day.