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More than one time in the past, fans of Bungie have implored the company to step in and rescue a game title or company in financial trouble. Bungie's Matt Soell was kind enough to reply in our forum to one such plea regarding Looking Glass:


Tip of the hat to the Marathon Story Page and, who spotted's little nocturnal foray into the offices of Bungie in search of a scoop on the upcoming blockbusters Oni and Halo.

Among the revelations they claim to have uncovered during their midnight strike was this tidbit about Oni:

topic: has a story on the use of the OpenPlay cross-platform gaming API and its use in the upcoming Mac OS X. There has been some controversy of late regarding the lack of support for Apple's current gaming API, GameSprockets, in OS X.

So why do we care? From the article:


We've got the Bungie press kit from E3, scanned in and ready for your viewing pleasure. We'd asked for permission to post the E3 materials and were awaiting a response, so the German site Halo Network and HBO roundly beat us to posting some images up. We hope to get the flip-side of that Halo flyer which HBO was displaying to you soon, as well as the other Halo pamphlet.


Noc located a few more sites which mention the Halo and/or Oni presentations at E3; he then immediately went to sleep, so I'm telling y'all about it instead. Future Games Network somehow managed to miss Halo entirely, but briefly mentions Oni and praises its amazing and detailed animation and terrific storyline.


Kudos to Infininight, who sends word of Oni and Halo appearing on Gamespot TV. As many folk who watch ZDtv have reported, Halo and Oni are not strangers to the small screen, but it's nice to see them getting some spontaneous coverage. Some info from the report:

It talked about both Oni and Halo. From the website:

Oni, a title being simultaneously developed for all new platforms, also features a large free environment. Great graphics and inventive fighting techniques give players a variety of gameplay.


The All Games Network is a site that supplies Internet TV for gamers. They were in attendance at E3 and it looks like they may have acquired some interesting material. I already reported their coverage of Oni gameplay (Look for Bungie towards the top) but I've found a few other items.


Before his confirmation as a new member of the staff, SiliconDream posted up a rather interesting transcript of some statements made by Peter Tamte. Tamte is Bungie's Executive VP of Publishing, formerly the Senior Director of Consumer Marketing at Apple, and was a member of an E3 panel discussion on licensing. If you haven't read this then maybe you should, since it could relate to future events involving the Halo and Oni engines.