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Videogames had better be art. For Marty's sake.

Although I hate to keep pointing out the work of one individual at Bungie among many that are obviously so talented, simple candor requires me to. The music in the recent E3 Halo 2 demo, like the soundtracks on the earlier Halo 2 announcement video, going back all the way to the original Halo demo at MWNY in 1999- simply blew me away. The adjective cinematic begins to seem like damning with faint praise.


The following story by SketchFactor is running over at go have a look! It's basically an interview with Jaime Case Griesemer, Design Lead on Halo 2, and Tyson Ferrex Green. For the new Bungiefen, they both ran a Myth site together called the Codex several years ago, and Ferrex was one of the founders of Rampancy, then called The Core.


:: Are You Big Enough HALO LAN Fest :: SAT. July 12th. :: - hspace=15Well... this is the BIG one. Blackstar Productions in association with Andover Cable Access Television, Joe Spanos, Wess Murphy and the J. Everett Collins Center proudly annouce the hosting of the Are You Big Enough HALO LAN fest this July 12th.

The default behavior of the news feeds button has switched from
newest (which creates a very long and cluttered page) to view by source which displays only headlines with links and groups stories by newsfeed.

Following GoldenElite's lead, here are my Halo most/least favorites:

Favorite Levels: Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, 343 Guilty Spark

Least Favorite Level: The Library

Favorite Gun: Sniper Rifle

Favorite MP Map: Coop on AotCR

Favorite Marine: Chips

Favorite Unit: Hunter

Who I think Forerunners Are: Jjaro

Favorite Vehicles: Scorpion, Banshee

Just a couple of minor changes.

Acrappa noticed a bug where signatures were appended to post replies but not new posts. This has been fixed.

Noc and Earendil pointed out that it'd be nice if [NT] was added to posts when message bodies were unaltered instead of just empty, and this should be working now, too.

I've made a few more changes and fixes today.

There was a problem viewing the Community index page using IE 5 under Mac OS 9 or X since last night. It was caused by too many nested unordered lists inside a form. The form that enclosed the index was there to allow for comment moderation; however, to date there's been no significant usage of the moderating or filtering (threshold) features on the site, so I've disabled them. This should clean up the index displays a bit, as well as improve load time, especially under IE on the Mac.

A few minor changes/enhancements yesterday.

First off, for registered users, the forums now report the number of new posts since the last time you viewed each forum index. It doesn't count views of the main page, or of individual comments, just the bare indices.

This change takes effect on the forum indexes themselves, above each comment display, and in the recent threads boxes (where the number of new and total posts are now reported like this: (new/total).


I've removed the newsfeed for; the feed hasn't updated in days and the website appears to be shut down.

To replace it, I've added WebDog's .plan updates.

Just to let those who read them know-- apparently awhile back IGN stopped providing their XML news feeds through NewsIsFree. They might come back, or be available some other way; I don't know.

To replace them I put in ConsoleDomain and

Ok, first off, I've moved all the stuff about what I'm doing to the site itself into the blog and out of the forum, since discussion about the forum itself seems to be dominating, and while we all may be navel-watchers at heart, with Halo and Myth 3 coming out there are going to be more interesting things to post about.

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