An Analysis of Guilty Spark's Log (SPOILERS)

Well, I'm moving this week. A whole lot of things remain...uh...unresolved. I'll likley be away from this place for a couple of weeks I guess. My last blog post before leaving.
It is another speculative post, and I hope Narcogen refrains from thoroughly bashing each and every aspect over and over again before I return to reply.

I'm looking at 343 Guilty Spark's log book, from Conversations From The Universe. There are big fat spoilers here, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.


It has been extracted/transmitted/volunteered from Spark, which means that he probably handed it over to ONI or to the Prophets interrogating him. If it were handed over to meddlers like the Prophets, would he tell them everything?

Ho hum. Eons of inactivity and perfect stability. Then everything happens all at once.

A primitive, hegemonizing swarm calling itself The Covenant has landed on installation 4. Apparently seeking something specific. Exploring! Meddling! I've seen it all before. They'll record what they see and they'll leave.

Of course, this must be Spark referring to ONI agents coming over to Halo 04 before the covenant did. Why else would all that meddling seem familiar?

In any case, if it were the Covenant Prophets interrogating him like they do at the start of Sacred Icon, he wouldn't bother to reveal everything he knew about their race, because it would essentially be valueless.

Detail species NA Covenant/collective religious sect/tech level 4 spacefaring/tech familiar

I don't understand if he's merely making notes or detailing each aspect of the covenant. It seems more like the latter, though. And if it were meant for the covenant, he'd have no problem in volunteering all this data.

Oh dear. Containment protocols appear to have been violated.

The interlopers appear to have accidentally released the Flood infection forms. This situation is rapidly deteriorating. Most of these interlopers appear to contain ample calcium stores. And they've brought plentiful means for the Flood to escape containment and spread. How impossibly thoughtless. I suppose I'll have to activate the facility.

"How impossibly thoughtless?" Does he expect the Covenant meddlers to know about the Flood? How could they possibly know about the flood, unless he told them? It's clear now that the covenant knew nothing about the flood until they blundered upon them.

But, if he were being interrogated by Truth and Mercy, who almost certainly knew more than what they let on, is he subtly poking at them for their stupidity in not letting anyone know about the flood?

Thank goodness. A Reclaimer is here. And what perfect timing. I am sure he will assist me cleaning up this irritating mess.

There was more than one reclaimer according to Halo: The Flood, and Judging from what we've seen in Halo 2, not all humans are reclaimers...or are they? In any case, the reclaimer in question is most probably the Chief, none other.

The Reclaimer has proven to be less than helpful. Obstinate, in fact. And of course, there is no precedent for this situation. Ho-hum. As usual I shall have to rely on my own better judgement. Perhaps the Reclaimer simply requires persuasion.

Detail visitor Reclaimer/AI companion/Obtuse purpose/mission

Here is where it gets interesting. "Less than helpful", "Obstinate". "Perhaps he simply requires persuasion". And he's detailed the Reclaimer(MC) and the Reclaimer's AI companion, and mentions an Obtuse purpose or mission. Even though he is noting his events briefly, he doesn't seem to be making mention of the worst part of it all-that there was a construct in the Core, the construct stole the Index, the Reclaimer practically rebelling in Spark's face, having to fight him with sentinels, conking out the pulse generators...yadda yadda yadda! To say, "there is no precedent for this situation" is simply an understatement- there was never a reclaimer who didn't understand the purpose of activation and refused to do so, and it would be interpreted as such.

He's entered something in detail, but given that whatever he has written in short gives the impression that the reclaimer was simply obstinate, and refused to help Guilty Spark in the middle of that outbreak. Would whatever he entered in detail match the log entry-in depicting that the reclaimer was simply obstinate, and with some obscure purpose that could not be understood? Or would it reveal what the reclaimer and his AI really did-steal the index and damage the pulse generators, and that Spark tried to stop him with his Sentinels? I lean towards the former.

Compare it with his detail entry on the Covenant. He details a lot more on the covenant than he does about the reclaimers, or what he really did on Halo 04. It seems more and more like he didn't want whoever was reading the log to know about what really happened, because he would give on too much.

Well, my judgement seems to have failed me for once. The Reclaimer has initiated a reaction in the engine system of a very dirty spacecraft. Data suggests it will destroy installation 4 utterly. I believe discretion might be the better part of valor. I have attempted to fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability.

Well, Guily Spark has undoubtedly spoken short this time. He stopped the countdown, disabled command access, rummanged through Cortana's data arrays, and had his sentinels fight the flood as well as the rogue Reclaimer in the Autumn's Engine Room, and he and his sentinels did have an opportunity to stop the Chief from blowing off each of the Autumn's reactors manually. None of that is mentioned.

The Autumn is referred to as a "Very Dirty Spacecraft" instead of being correctly identified as a Warship(He called Cortana a Warship's AI in the Maw, he knows what the Autumn is). And what about the stuff he discovered inside those data arrays? He seriously is giving misleading or incomplete data in that log.

Well, everything is in a terrible state. The installation is ruined. I am stuck here in the middle of nowhere with only impulse propulsion, and the only good news is that the Flood breach has been halted, albeit inelegantly.

Detail Installation 4 destroyed/nuclear reaction/Flood containment achieved by Reclaimer

This time, what he says is relevant, and there is nothing lacking between the details and the text. He has nothing to hide here- except that he had that Gas Giant Facility of his nearby.

Excellent! I believe I see assistance approaching...

This last line makes you wonder. The assistance approaching was probably the Heretics, and he must have hitched a ride with them. "Hitchhikers may be escaping convicts"-anyone remember? This hitchhiker couldn't have so convieniently hitched a ride with the meddling covenant morons (In any case, sentinels on both halos are hostile to the covenant), he probably did send his sentinels against them whenever they threatened to worsen the crisis on the ring. Either there was an ONI prowler in the Halo 04 system-and Spark would have seen ONI at work on the ring- or it was a heretic transport he called from the Gas Giant facility, the Heretics already being established there at that time. It's hard to say.

Narc is bound to blast the idea that the Heretics were formed from forces on Alpha Halo-although it is perfectly possible. In any case, I don't have time to explain. Auf Wiedersehen, Rampancy!



A primitive, hegemonizing swarm calling itself The Covenant has landed on installation 4. Apparently seeking something specific. Exploring! Meddling! I've seen it all before. They'll record what they see and they'll leave.

Of course, this must be Spark referring to ONI agents coming over to Halo 04 before the covenant did. Why else would all that meddling seem familiar?[/quote]

Hello, I just happened to find this part the most interesting of all. The reason is because I suspect the ONI of knowing about Halo long before the Covenant or even time traveling back to it.

Either way, I have always supected Dr. Halsey of Halo knowledge. I found it strangely interesting that in 3 months she grew much older looking and her face was more wrinkly and she had long silver streks in her hair. (Fall of Reach - Page 95 - Line 9)

Here is what got me oing on this. I was playing the games to just go through and see if i could see any hints. I read there was writing on the gas station in Halo 2 so i was like, whatever let me look everywhere i can. So I started playing and at first i found nothing and then it hit me. Not not a wildly arm swinging Flood.

It was this simple fact that makes me feel that Dr. Halsey and other in fact have been to Halo and found a lot.

Here it is and I still feel it is true.

The etchings on the MC's facemask as welll as any Mjolnir Suit is found on both Halo Rings. It is hidden in bevels and other lines hiding it very well. If it is just coincidence than that is crazy, but i fell it isn't.

Also I found etchings of a Forerunner reaching to the Oracle in many places but only in Halo 2. Easiest way to tell you is the board(name escapes me) when you are the Arbiter and you start out and fight the Brutes and go up the hill and the other White Elite comes out of the door with an enery sword.

Well when you enter the door look straight ahead and there it is repeating over and over like just a wall pattern. it is found in numerous places includin the bac wall of the last room before the fight with Tartarus.

In that room I may have seen someting else, but that may just be an accident. There are 8 poles or structures lining the center walkway. Well the top fronts all have monkey looking faces looking down at whoever walks by.

Well that about does it for now except for this last tid bit which most know. The chief recognized the pattern Cortana sent Lovell before their trip to Halo 04, which I think Dr. Halsey purposely gave her without the knowledge of what was there in case of an emergency they would have a place to fight from or something even if that was off by a lot. How else would she have had the coordinates as any book readers will say it was not a blind jump.

Thank for the space.

Hopefully we will find out why S 343 thinks he has spoken to the MC before. Can anyone say Time Travel in Halo 3. Shit he could wipe out a lot of Covenant with that ring and never harm a human if he quickly slip back and forth. if you want to comment directly.