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Request - Halo 3 ODST the rookie

Someone please transcribe this!!!!!!!!! i love it so much!!!



anyone gonna do it? gesh this sight hasn't been active for 4 months what up with that?

Well, with the end of school rapidly approaching many of us have our hands full with work and getting ready for finals. Now is a pretty bad time to request a transcription.

kk totally understandable i gots to get ready for semester exams as well thats y i dont have time to do it anyway maybe if you ever have some time you could do it? it would be a really big help and i would really appreciate anyway not saying you have to :)

I can't say for sure. I don't have a whole lot of free time and I'm currently trying to help someone out with their transcription. Maybe I will after that but it will be awhile.

So you think you can do this song?

Anyone gonna do this?

I would if I weren't so gol-darn busy with school and other music arrangements. I'll try to get started on one eventually...


I transcribed the beginning of this song, but it's my first time and i have no idea how to upload it..

Could you tell me? Thanks.


I transcribed the beginning of this song, but it's my first time and i have no idea how to upload it..

Could you tell me? Thanks.[/quote]

Post a blog entry:

There should be an option to upload/attach a file. Probably a good idea to zip together whatever you want to include (PDF, midi, etc) into a single archive.

Make sure you tag it with the relevant terms, including the game it's for and the "sheet music" tag so it will show up in the database.

More detail is here:

Transcribed it! Its a pretty rough job but look it up.