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Boo Friggidy Hoo

Wah wah, Halo 2 is only going to be for the Vista.

And Xbox, and Xbox 360. God forbid Bungie not allow us to buy every one of their products. After all, baby-Ts don't "run" on my "platform" (yeah, yeah, sorry) but you don't see me whining. Especially not if the same product at a close to equivalent quality exists right where I am. Its not as if the existing fan base is being alienated. Sure there will be new map abilities and a few other little hooks, but if you really want the game, you go and buy yourself a copy of windows Vista.

Loads of people feel like Microsoft is pushing Bungie into the project. I find it hard to believe that that is a complaint, unless there is a feeling that it might take time from the other project. Say Microsoft didn't push Bungie into the project. The way I see it, there would either be no Halo 2 PC (which I haven't been chomping at the bit for), there would be a XP compatible version, or the situation could be exactly as it is now.

Like the majority of people, my knowledge of Vista can be compared to my knowledge of rare birds in Oregon. What I do know that it is entirely possible that Vista will be capable of producing better game performance than XP. Halo on my current PC looks a lot like Oni does, and for anyone but the most hardcore Oni advocate, that is hardly anything to drool over. Any performance boost that vista could offer hardly seems like a bad thing. A game that is compatible with XP and vista could be made, but it is extremely unlikely that it would have impressive optimizations for either OS.

Nobody complains that the next project is on the 360, unless they want it on the Revolution, so what is the stink about H2PC coming out on a new platform? A whole crowd of people will buy a 360 so they can play The next, so why is buying Vista such an unattractive option? Just like buying the 360, buying Vista will open you up to the next generation of games. Don't be so naive as to think that H2PC will be the only game to take this route. If you want to keep up with the latest and greatest software, you will migrate to Vista, just as you will migrate to the 360. If that really burns you up, stick with the Xbox stuff, I hear rumor that there are still people who play Marathon, and not even on Windows machines. Either way, complaining because a game you already have is being re-released somewhere where you have to pay a bit extra to get at it, will never get you anywhere? I bet you purchased the XP license you are reading this on (sorry mac people, I was wrong) as an upgrade from 2000.

The non-Frankie bit of that Bnet article was an atrocious read. My only question is, what is clarity, and how does it relate to my Halo 2 experience in any way?