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117 - Halo 4

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Firstly, credit to Jafetator for all of his help with this. Couldn't have done it without.

Secondly, sheets for "117," from the Halo 4 OST. It is the full song, and it is fairly accurate. It has the midi, the pdf, and the Muse Score file.
If you need something more, feel free to notify me (especially if there is a mistake somewhere, or something that could be improved!).

Please enjoy!




very good job, my only recommendation would be to improve the base during the "main theme" parts of this song i.e. do a beat with the notes playing the whole notes while the right hand plays the c# G#.....D# E D# B C# etc.......

Nice job. This is my favorite song from the soundtrack. Do you think you could transcribe To Galaxy.

I might try at some point...
In the meanwhile, I have found this sheet music, which is part of the song (the part that doesn't play in the "Infinity" menu in the game), which is here:
I might take a stab at other parts.

Would I be able to download 117 from Halo 4? I don't see a link or anything

I'm a new user too lol


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Rampant for over se7en years.

Thanks for this!! Saw jafetator's vid and have been waiting a while so this is good!

thank you sooooo much :)

Can you arrange this for orchestra?

the trumpet solo at the beginning is off. There are notes in it that were not played.

Dood, thanks for this! I've been looking everywhere for this.