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Request - The Package Sword Base piano

Request The package Sowrd Base piano:Iwould like the sheets for these 2 songs please i love those songs and im making corrections of Tip of the Spear (for Piano) from jarps in my zip will be the full orchestra and the drums



1. Sword Control 1:56
2. Incommunicado 1:04
3. Inbound Imminent 1:44
4. Aim to Please 2:28
5. Latchkey 2:33

1. Return :57
2. Simple Things :59
3. Torch and Burn 1:03
4. Decent :33
5. Time to Dance 1:47
6. Say the Words 1:35

What songs do you mean?

1. Sword Control 1:56
2. Incommunicado 1:04( i dont know its the elctric guitar part and the beginning)
The Package
1.Torch and Burn 1:03
5. Time to Dance 1:47
6. Say the Words 1:35
(When you are in the scorpion an dwhen you are otside of halsys lab)

I dont konw in the original songs are ONI: Sword Base the beginning and the part that stars at 2:58
And The pacakge when youre driving the scorpion