Grunt in The Maw

Me and my nephew just found something today in The Maw. In one of the side tunnels at the end, there is another side tunnel that has a grunt alive in it. When you go up to it he doesn't shoot, he actually talks to you. Something about 'a starship waiting in Bay 7' & 'It's a good thing he worked up a big thirst'. Something along those lines. Everybody else in the world may have already seen this or doesn't care but I thought it was pretty cool.


In the tunnel for the final run on Halo, there is a grunt, he says "Im sure glad that food nipples waiting for me on the star ship, 'cause man, do i have a big, Gruntly thirst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

you can get the sound file at: along with other sound files that they say were "taken out" of the game....