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A little speculation on the controller layout for playing Halo 3. I've got a hunch that the 'special function' reserved for the X-button is to act like a 'shift' key of sorts, to be used for less common functions like Sprinting and Swapping weapons with marines.

My idea of a Halo 3 control layout would be-


After reading through a whole lot of posts on the HBO forum thread that talked about boss battles, I noticed one important observation by Narcogen: The Arbiter stops Delta Halo from being activated partly due to Gravemind's own request. That set me thinking on the lines of "Who's really going to lose from a Halo activation?".

There's a brand new(as of typing this) interview with Joe Staten on the Halo Story Page. Not only does it answer a few questions, it tosses out a lot more in typical Bungie fashion, and is quite revealing about the covenant- Jackals in particular.


First, concerning Jackals. This is pretty damn interesting.

HSP: One of the HBO forumgoers noted an interesting description of the Jackals on the Joyride site:


Well, I'm moving this week. A whole lot of things remain...uh...unresolved. I'll likley be away from this place for a couple of weeks I guess. My last blog post before leaving.
It is another speculative post, and I hope Narcogen refrains from thoroughly bashing each and every aspect over and over again before I return to reply.

I'm looking at 343 Guilty Spark's log book, from Conversations From The Universe. There are big fat spoilers here, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.


Like everyone before me has asked-who's that?


And even more so...do I see a face? Assuming that Cortana's mouth and the other black spot are eyes of the other face...is there a second face in this image?



This one is going to be a doozy. I'm analyzing the covenant political situation-it is deep and complex, and has much to do with their history. I'm also thinking about the Covenant forces we might meet on Earth, the Creation of the Arbiter, and the reason for the Brute-Elite civil war.

My second blog post here- it just might be a second consecutive blog post if I don't take an hour typing it in its entirety. I have time to kill for the next few weeks before college, and one of my favorite pasttimes happens to be...well, rampant speculation.

This time I'm writing about the Marathon logo in Halo and the whole ark concept, why I think there are two of those things in the game.


My first blog post on Rampancy. I haven't been to this site very often (I'm mostly on HBO), but this is a nice place all right.

I've seen the Halo 3 trailer, like most, if not all, Halo fans. That trailer is considerably different from the two Halo 2 trailers we've seen so far, and it might just reveal the player's role in Halo 3 as being more interactive and deeply connected with the game than the other Halo games.