ASE Ep. 165 Marathon Tempus Irae 30 & 32: I Haven't Killed Anything Since 1845 and Vesuvius Pt. 1

Tempus Irae 30 & 32

Some Enforcers get flushed into space, and Narcogen and Blackstar enter a volcano.

First of all, apologies on the delay for this episode. Secondly, we had a fair number of technical issues during the play session. First, when we stepped through the teleporter at the end of level 30, something happened that prevented the video capture from working. We then proceeded to attempt to play level 32 Mt. Vesuvius, but the game went out of sync. We thought we were almost done (and thought video was recording) so we pushed on in an attempt to complete the level, until we realized we weren't going to be able to find the secret terminal that way. At that point, Narcogen scratch-started the level in single-player mode and re-started recording, while Blackstar is still attempting to finish the original co-op game.

So this video includes footage of level 30 I Haven't Killed Anything Since 1845, which has a neat bit of scripting in it-- you should check out the spoiler page entry for it to see how it was achieved:

and then also single-player footage of Narcogen completing level 32, Mt. Vesuvius.

Later on we'll post a separate video for level 31, KMG-365, which is basically just a terminal anyway, and a lengthy bit of terminal reading for the secret terminal in level 32.

We're fighting the Pfhor in Italy of the past in third party scenario Tempus Irae!

Tempus Irae can be played, like the other Marathon games, using the open source Aleph One engine which you can get here for Windows, Mac and Linux:

Tempus Irae and other third party scenarios for the Aleph One engine can be downloaded here:

There's a ZIP format archive here:

Direct link:

We use irons' Co-Op script, (but not this time) which gives weapons and ammo to both players if either picks any up, and prevents weapon loss on death (so items can't be destroyed in lava or slime). The script also allows one player to teleport to a destination set by themselves or their partner, in case co-op players run into a problem a solo player would have to restart for.

Tempus Irae has its own spoiler guide:

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Music used in this episode:

"What About Bob?" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (intro music)
"New Pacific (Reprise)" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (outro music)

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