ASE Destiny Beta Co-Op: Warmind, Story 4

The Last Array

We played co-op in the Destiny Beta! Join Blackstar and Narcogen as they go through each story mission, plus the strike, and point out the golden chest locations. (These may change before final release, though.)

In this episode, we find a turn of the century, Russian New Age audiobook, plus an artificial intelligence with the least imaginative name ever!

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Re: ASE Destiny Beta Co-Op: Warmind, Story 4

Hey Narcogen I have been watching these missions and am wondering if you have the super for the Titan? I haven't seen you use it yet...

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Re: ASE Destiny Beta Co-Op: Warmind, Story 4

Yes, but I'm not sure it gets any use until either the last story mission or the strike. It is in there, though.

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