Halo and Oni Material on the All Games Network

The All Games Network is a site that supplies Internet TV for gamers. They were in attendance at E3 and it looks like they may have acquired some interesting material. I already reported their coverage of Oni gameplay (Look for Bungie towards the top) but I've found a few other items.

They've got a virtual tour of the Bungie booth, they describe their first impressions of Halo from what they saw there and they also have a wrapup video that promises some discussion of Oni. In all but the wrapup, you'll have to scroll down the developer list a short way until you find Bungie. I haven't yet been able to view these on my laptop for some reason, so I'm passing this stuff to you blindly. I'd be surprised if the wrapup movie didn't give Halo at least a mention. Hope you enjoy it!