New Features Debut; Now Supports Gamercards

Bit by bit, the new features of the revised website are coming online. The My Xbox and new forums appear to be working now. One of the more interesting features in My Xbox is the much-touted Gamercard feature, that shows a personal avatar, your Zone, your Rep, and your Gamertag.

We've modified the user profile so you can add your Gamercard directly into your profile, where it will display next to your forum avatar in the Members and Gamertag databases. Just go to, register on the new site. Then come to and click "my account" and then the "Xbox Live" tab. You'll see there places to enter your XBL gamertag, your Halo 2 stats RSS feed, and now the HTML for your Gamercard. Then insert the HTML below, remembering to include your own Gamertag in the two places indicated, into the Gamercard field:

You can check out what the result looks like in my profile.



This is not working for me. Everytime I try it I get a message about my request being terminated because of suspicious activity.

it doesn't seem to like that I'm posting html in the field.

I'm going to check this-- I think I need to make a modification to default user permissions for this to work... hold on.

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