Will the Rule of Three H3 beta program put Halo 2 back on top of the Xbox Live leaderboards, ahead of Gears of War?

66% (60 votes)
34% (31 votes)
Total votes: 91
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I think it could happen. After all, I'm still a bit surprised that with the larger installed base of the original Xbox, that GoW is on the top. I don't think the gap can be that large. It may be, though, that a larger percentage of 360s are on XBL, and with GoW being a newer game, more people are interested in playing.

Given that Major Nelson's leader board counts unique players, I think a good number of people who are tired of Halo 2, but are looking forward to Halo 3, may come back to play a few games to take a shot at getting in the beta-- perhaps enough to tip the balance. Still atop the original Xbox game list, GoW can't be that far ahead.

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I don't think the Rule of Three program will increase Halo 2 usage a significant amount. The required playing time is only 3 hours, and I'm guessing the majority of people who participate in that will be people who would have played that night anyways.

Certainly I think that anybody who is already likely to play on a weekend will stretch their gametime to three hours to get a chance at the beta.

However, we know that fewer people play Halo 2 now than did a year ago, and Gears of War has leapfrogged ahead. So it's fair to assume that some portion of the current GoW players used to play Halo 2. They don't hate Halo 2 now, they're just playing a new game. Many of them are also likely to be looking forward to Halo 3. So they might dust off Halo 2 just long enough to make an attempt at a beta entry. And since the rankings count unique players, not hours played, they don't even need to get the full three hours in. Anybody who plays the game just once, who hasn't touched it since GoW came out, will count.

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