What's Wrong With The Xbox One Dashboard NSFW

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What's Wrong With Xbox One Dashboar
Blackstar and Narcogen take a look at the latest version of the Xbox One dashboard and wonder what went wrong. Some NSFW language.

Rampancy Channel Update November 2015

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Rampancy Channel Update Nov 2015
Narcogen and Blackstar talk about returning to a normal post-Taken King schedule and the games we'll be playing.

Happy 50th Birthday Claude Errera

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Happy 50th Birthday Claude Errera
Happy 50th Birthday to DBO's Claude Errera from Rampancy.net!

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #108 A Sword Reforged

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A Sword Reforged
The final step for getting an exotic sword is running a Light 300 version of the Darkblade strike on the Dreadnaught. This version adds the elemental-shielded Warden knights from the Founts area to the boss fight, and requires that you kill the Knight with the elemental shield corresponding to the element of the sword you're trying for no more than 30 seconds before killing the boss. Stuntmutt got his on the first try, but Narc didn't, probably because he was dead when the boss died or because he killed his knight too early. Several runs later (after realizing a failure means restarting the whole strike, not just a checkpoint) stabbim comes in to pinch hit for Stunt and Narc gets his sword.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #107 Mar-Zik the Blightcaller

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Mar-Zik the Blightcaller
Narcogen assembles the last materials into the weapon frame for the Touch of Malice exotic scout rifle, then gets help from Blackstar and bluerunner help Narcogen to take down a Wizard miniboss in a special version of the Fear's Embrace story mission to finally earn the weapon.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #106 Ecthar, Sword of Oryx

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Ecthar, Sword of Oryx
Want an exotic sword? Narcogen does. First step in A Sword Reforged is killing a special knight on the Dreadnaught. Blackstar tags along.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #105 Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota

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Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota
The last of the 45 calcified fragments is in the hands of Court of Oryx Tier 3 boss, Thalnok, who is such a big fan of Crota he wants to die the same way. Bluerunner and random stranger Podvox help out Narcogen and Blackstar take out mini-Crota.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #104 Balwûr Fragment

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Balwûr Fragment
The quest for the exotic scout rifle, Touch of Malice, requires 45 calcified fragments be collected from the Dreadnaught. With only a few remaining, Narcogen recruits Blackstar, CortanaVIII and some randoms to collect one from Court of Oryx Tier 3 boss, Balwûr.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #103 No Time To Explain

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No Time To Explain
With the help of Cougron, Midnight and Freewill, Narcogen tracks down the quest path leading to the new exotic pulse rifle, No Time To Explain. This video shows the collection of the cult ghost memory fragments from the heroic version of the Paradox story mission, as well as the special co-op and solo missions that are required for discovery of the weapon.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #102 Essence of the Feast

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Essence of the Feast
The next step in the Hunger Pangs quest for the Touch of Malice scout rifle requires us to do a special version of the Undying Mind strike on Mars and kill a Taken Knight.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #101 Dreadnaught Runes

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Dreadnaught Runes
We collect fragments and deploy runes and other consumables on the Dreadnaught. In this episode, we use: Skyburners Command Beacon Wormsinger Rune Charged Agonarch Rune Skyburners Deployment Code

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #100 Summoner's Circle

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Summoner's Circle
Narc and Blackstar have to kill a Taken Ogre being birthed on the Dreadnaught.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #99 Fear's Embrace

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Fear's Embrace
We head back to Phobos to fight another Echo of Oryx.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #98 Tenebrous Tunnels

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Tenebrous Tunnels
We reenter the Black Garden to find the stem the tide of Taken on Mars.

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #97 Prime's Path

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Prime's Path
We finally find out who calls the shots for House Wolves on Mars.
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