Recent Movies

Title Poster Datesort descending
Warthog Jump by Randall Glass narcogen 04.15.02
Halo Hurricane by Skavenger narcogen 04.15.02
Breaking The Rules (Team Overkill) narcogen 04.20.02
HaloST3K narcogen 05.26.02
Asshole blackstar 05.26.02
Warthog Jump Revisited by Randall Glass narcogen 06.01.02
Evolution Of Halo by Bungie, recorded by... narcogen 06.09.02

Latest Sheet Music

Title Transcriber Date
Enough Dead Heroes Poop Scoop 03.12.04
Silent Cartographer Guitar Sol... Poop Scoop 03.17.04
Halo Theme Guitar Tab XvShadow 03.17.04
On A Pale Horse Poop Scoop 08.28.04
The Maw Poop Scoop 08.28.04
Halo: Master And Chief Poop Scoop 08.28.04
Truth And Reconciliation Suite Poop Scoop 02.07.05

Rampancy Movie Database

Movie Database
Title Poster Datesort descending Games Type
c0ld vengeance 11.28.02 halo machinima
Halo Flamethrower
BOLL 08.08.03 halo mod
Yellow Banshee
c0ld vengeance 08.12.03 halo mod
Hogs on Hang 'Em High
PfhorSlayer 08.12.03 halo multiplayer
Piloting the Pelican
c0ld vengeance 08.21.03 halo campaign
Piloting the Covenant Dropship
Wraith 08.21.03 halo campaign
Wheels On Fire
BOLL 08.26.03 halo glitch
PC Halo Beta by Dan Chosich
narcogen 08.28.03 halo documentary
We Grew Up Fast (The Juggler)
narcogen 08.28.03 halo multiplayer
Summer Slaying HBO Junkies LAN
blackstar 09.02.03 halo competition