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Warthog Jump by Randall Glass narcogen 04.15.02
Halo Hurricane by Skavenger narcogen 04.15.02
Breaking The Rules (Team Overkill) narcogen 04.20.02
HaloST3K narcogen 05.26.02
Asshole blackstar 05.26.02
Warthog Jump Revisited by Randall Glass narcogen 06.01.02
Evolution Of Halo by Bungie, recorded by... narcogen 06.09.02

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Enough Dead Heroes Poop Scoop 03.12.04
Silent Cartographer Guitar Sol... Poop Scoop 03.17.04
Halo Theme Guitar Tab XvShadow 03.17.04
On A Pale Horse Poop Scoop 08.28.04
The Maw Poop Scoop 08.28.04
Halo: Master And Chief Poop Scoop 08.28.04
Truth And Reconciliation Suite Poop Scoop 02.07.05

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i think they should make halo 3 for the normal xbox too. that way us not so rich people can play it. think they will make more money that way

this goes out to the halo 3 makers you'd be stupid not to put this on normal xbox

You'd have to gut the game, savagely, to fit Halo 3 into an XBox of the last generation. Processor's way slower, RAMs smaller, DVD's slower, graphics card's weaker... what would be left wouldn't look or play at all like the Halo 3 on the XBox360.

Remember pop-in from Halo 2? Imagine that happening to whole levels. That'd be the best you could hope for.

-- Steve empathises, as consoles ain't cheap, but asking for Halo 3 for the old hardware is like asking for a gallon of water in a shotglass.