Halo 3 Skulls

Unlike in Halo 2, where skulls were a last-minute addition, skulls are a fully integrated feature of Halo 3. After you've found one, you can activate it in the Campaign Settings screen of your pre-game lobby. Gold skulls offer achievements and campaign scoring multipliers, while changing the dynamics of the game, usually in favor of your enemies.

Silver skulls just do cool things.

Skullsort icon Submitter Updated Level Summary
2nd skull slydex55 05.25.10

-2nd skull
-mission: sierra 117
-place: after kill the brute chief, you have two options: go right or go up (where is, in heroic or legendary, the jackal sharpshooter), where is the skull (going right)
-2da calavaera
-mision: sierra 117
-lugar: después de matar al jefe brute, tienes dos opciones: ir derecho o ir por arriba (donde, en heroico o legendario, está el jackal francotirador), donde está la calavera si vas recto

Black Eye narcogen 10.09.07 Crow's Nest

The Black Eye skull is a gold skull. It is the first skull on the second level, Crow's Nest, and is in the same room you start in after the cinematic, high above your head atop a large pipe.

Getting to it is relatively easy. Walk to the end of the room, up a short staircase, and turn around and look for a green shelf. Jump up on that, up onto a girder, and from there up onto the large pipe. Walk back the length of the room to the end of the pipe nearest the video screens and claim this skull.

Black Eye offers an achievement and 150% bonus on campaign scoring. In return, your shields will not recharge as usual; you need to melee attack enemies to recharge your shields.

Blind Skull narcogen 10.08.07 Sierra 117

Like its Halo 2 counterpart, when activated the Blind skull removes all interface elements from the screen. It is a silver skull, and provides no achievements or campaign scoring multipliers.

It is the first skull encountered in the game. It is out in the open, at the end of a rock outcropping overlooking the river to the far right of the pool where the Phantom drops off the first Grunt and Brute reinforcements during the first encounter of the first level, Sierra 117.

Catch Skull: Pull pin. Count to three. Throw. NThro_Sraom 10.13.07 The Storm

The Catch skull is on the level The Storm. The effect is it makes EVERYTHING get more grenades. When I mean everything, I mean everything. One day while I was playing I had a flood throw a sticky at me. A STICKY+FLOOD=ldjfhglisudgbslbv

ADMIN NOTE: I've never seen Flood throw grenades, even on Cortana on legendary with the Catch skull on, so I'm not actually sure this is possible.

Cowbell Skull spartanNO117 10.21.07 The Ark

The Cowbell skull makes all explosions bigger. It's the third silver skull.

Famine Skull: Trust Us, Bring A Magazine NThro_Sraom 10.13.07 The Ark

This skull is found on The Ark. The effect of this skull is it makes weapons that enemies drop, have half ammo. So for instance, say you pick up a beam rifle that you got from killing a jackal. It usually has close to 88 charge right? Well now if you're lucky it'll have 41 charge. Makes the search for weapons longer however it gives you a 2x multiplier on campaign scoring. Anyways, onto finding the skull.

Fog: You'll wish you had those eyes in the back of your head. NThro_Sraom 11.14.07 Floodgate

This is a pretty tricky skull to explain but I'll try my best. Okay the fog skull is on the level Floodgate. It takes away the whole radar so you don't know what's behind you. To me I think this is okay considering you can go on one path most of the game and not have anything pop up behind you. Anyways, onto finding the skull.

Step 1
Take out a battle rifle/carbine (just a long range type weapon or something that isn't automatic).

Step 2
Walk to where there are sand bags. They should be close to the AA gun. Look to the first building on you're right.

Step 3
Stop and look along the top edge of the building.

Step 4
Keep walking forward and a flood should appear on the top about to jump.

Step 5
Shoot it and the skull should fall down to the ground.

Remember to not shoot it too early or else the skull will stay up on the roof! Now you have another skull and 10g. If you need any help send a friend request to J Manizzy.
Oh yeah, if you want the skull and the 10g, pick up the skull after step 5. Happy Skull Hunting.

Grunt Birthday Party narcogen 10.12.07 Crow's Nest

Grunt Birthday Party is a silver skull. It is the second skull on Crow's Bridge. After clearing the Barracks, you'll be sent out to meet the Arbiter. You'll drop down a short, narrow shaft at the end of a corridor and find yourself in a large tunnel with several pipes interconnecting from the left and right sides from which Drones will emerge-- they'll fly across from one pipe to the other in front of you.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull spartanNO117 10.08.07

The Grunt's B-day skull is pretty easy to get. First you beat the game on any diffuculty level, but easy.Then go to the second level on normal or higher. Go through the level normally till you get to where the drones are passing back and forth throught the pipes(right before you jump down to meet the Arbitor).Stop right where you're supposed to jump down to the Arbitor and look down. Right below you , you will see a green arrow pointing backwards. Jump on the arrow and turn around. You will see a hidden room with the skull in the middle.

The skull's effect is when you hit a grunt with a headshot it will burst into confetti and children will scream YAY in excitement.
(Note: Since this skull is a silver one you will not unlock an achievement)

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IDk Anonymous 09.05.08 units
Iron narcogen 10.08.07 Sierra 117

Iron is Halo 3's second skull and the second skull on the first level, Sierra 117. It is the game's first gold skull.

As a gold skull, it gives you and your cooperative play teammates the Iron achievement if any player picks it up during the game. After picking it up, it can be activated in the campaign settings page of the pre-game lobby.

When activated, this skull will force all cooperative players to reload the previous checkpoint if any of the players die, and will force a solo player to repeat the entire level if he or she dies.

In return for this, it triples your score in campaign scoring.

Secrect Skull and Trolley Fling Skull-Seeker95 02.18.08

Hello all Skull Seekers,

I was just playing Halo2 before from the beggining, i was up to the part were johnson wants you to get into the lift, what i did was started pissing him off by not getting in the lift(It takes a while in bwtween angry sentences so find somthing to do, there is a little trolley you can push around and if you push it into the door of the lift, when it activates it gets flung into the marine). To do this i was on legendary and you will have to wait a while untill the cheif in comman says

Would it help if i say please". When he says that get into the lift, into the tram, and face the door inside the building, push against the door and hold ex , the skull is near the green cRates, it might take you a couple of tries.

When you pick up the skull it says nothing on any difficultly and it seems to make enimies more aware of you.

Skull-Seeker 4 life...

Found them all and still lookin'

skull slydex55 05.25.10

-1st skull:
-mission:In Sierra 117
-place: when the 1st phantom drops the ground forces you may go to the right and you will found a big rock (horizontal), where will be the 1st skull
-1ra calavera
-mision: Sierra 117
-lugar: cuando el 1er Phantom deja a las fuerzas tu debes ir por la derecha y encontraras una gran roca (horizontal) y en el borde encontraras la calavera

skulls locations slydex55 06.10.10 h3 maps

who wants to know where are the skulls just send me a message to my email and i will answer you

skull´s note slydex55 05.25.10

-the skulls only will be found on normal, heroic or legendary dificult
-las calaveras sólo se encuentran en normal, heroico o legendario