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Human Pistol from Halo 3

Today's addition to the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Pistol, a dual-wieldable weapon of Human origin.



Today's entry into the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the SMG.

Battle Rifle BR55HB SR

Battle Rifle BR55HB SR from Halo 3
Clip size: 36
max capacity: 144
rate of fire: ~6 rounds per second (3 round burst fire 2 burst/sec)
rounds to kill(body): 21
rounds to kill (head): 12
rounds before melee kill: 9
(same for head, no damage difference for headshots until shield is down.)
bullets before close frag nade kill(body): 6 (same for head)
bullets after close frag nade to kill(body): 5-6
bullets after close frag nade to kill(head): 1
bullets before far frag nade kill(body): ~12
bullets after far frag nade to kill(body): ~12
bullets after far frag nade to kill(head): ~3

NOTES: Accuracy at ranges more appropriate for a sniper rifle is so bad that aiming at the body may get you random headshots. Anywhere past the effective range of the weapon (where it begins to take more than 5 bursts to kill) aiming at the center of mass will many times be more effective then aiming for the head when attempting to get that final killing headshot. Aiming at the head, however, is always preferable when facing an unshielded opponent since headshots do more damage after the shield is down, but not before.

See the below saved films for demonstrations of the above:

Battle Rifle Spread Demo
Battle Rifle Range Demo
Battle Rifle Kill Demo

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle from Halo 3
Rounds per magazine: 32
Capacity: 384
Rate of Fire: ~8 rounds per second
Rounds to kill(body): 16
Rounds to kill (head): 16
Rounds before melee kill: 6
Rounds before close frag nade kill(body): 6
Rounds after close frag nade to kill(body): 6
bullets before far frag nade kill(body): ~8-10
bullets after far frag nade to kill(body): ~8-10

NOTES: The quickest kills always come in concert with a grenade or melee. Simply firing the gun is a slightly slower kill. Bursting at range drastically increases the effective range of this gun. Shorter burst equals higher accuraccy at longer ranges.

For a visual demonstration of the weapon, including a demonstration of combination kills and bullet spread when pulse firing and auto firing, see these films:

Missile Pod

Missile Launcher Silhouette

It appears that the rocket launcher, at least in the Public Beta, has lost its ability to lock on to vehicles, and has returned to its Halo 1 configuration in that respect.

What does have the ability to lock is the new Missile Pod, another heavy weapon.

Like the portable turret, you can't zoom, drive or ride in vehicles, run, or crouch while wielding it.

NOTE: Information from the beta version subject to change!

Portable Turret

Chain Gun Silhouette

In addition to deployable equipment, Halo 3 seems to have a new category of "heavy weapons" that have special characteristics.

One is a variation on the fixed turret-mounted machine guns we're familiar with from Halo 2. They can be used from a fixed position. However, pressing the B key removes the gun from its turret so you can carry it with you. In this configuration it has limited ammunition, and also enforces other limitations on you.

While wielding a heavy weapon, you cannot zoom, melee, throw grenades, dual wield, drive or ride in vehicles, or crouch. Your foot speed is limited to a slow walk, and your turning speed is likewise reduced. Using the gun puts you in a third person perspective with the camera over your shoulder, similar to driving a vehicle.

Wielding a weapon like this perhaps makes Halo 3 feel a bit like Gears: your movements are slow and ponderous, and you get to look at all the cool armor and weapons up close.

NOTE: Information from the beta version subject to change!

M6 Spartan Laser

Spartan Laser Silhouette

The M6 Spartan Laser is a shoulder-mounted direct energy weapon used by the UNSC. It fires an extremely powerful red laser, capable of destorying vehicles and infantry with one accurate strike. When the trigger is pulled, a targeting dot is projected. The laser will then charge for three seconds before firing its powerful and destructive burst.

NOTE: A new weapon for Halo 3, this is perhaps taking the place of the fuel rod gun, which is conspicuously absent from Halo3.com. Bungie here seems to have exchanged a slow-moving projectile that follows an arc with a fast-moving one that travels straight, but takes time to charge.

It's a mystery why it is referred to as a Spartan Laser-- perhaps it was developed primarily or exclusively for use by Spartans?

M41 Rocket Launcher

RL Silhouette

The M41 Rocket Launcher, alternatively called the "Spanker" or "Jackhammer", is a heavy ordinance weapon of the UNSC arsenal. The M41 sports a 2x scope and can fire rockets over long distances with devestating accuracy.

NOTE: The most critical gameplay question here goes unanswered; will the rocket launcher in H3 "lock on" to significant targets like vehicles and turrets, as it did in Halo 2? Or will it lose this ability and return to its state in Halo 1? As it has the same appearance and designation (M41) as Halo 2's rocket launcher, one might be led to assume the features are the same.

UPDATE: In the Public Beta, the rocket launcher behaves as it does in Halo 1; it does not "lock on" to enemy vehicles or turrets.

SRS99D Sniper Rifle

Sniper Silhouette

The SRS99D Sniper Rifle is the primary long-range rifle used by UNSC forces. It is, alongisde its Covenant counterpart the Particle Beam Rifle, the most accurate, and arguably themost powerful infantry-sized weapon in both arsenals. The rifle's only drawbacks are its cumbersome reload and its bulky, thus necessariliy scarce, ammunition under typical battlefield circumstances.

NOTE: Although fairly similar in appearance, this weapon does have a different designation than Halo 2's sniper rifle, the S2 AM. The barrel also seems shorter than that weapon's; will it perhaps be less accurate at long range?

The "live" view through the video scope, visible when wielding the weapon and not zoomed in, was always a nice touch. I'd assume Bungie will keep it unless scenes in Halo 3 are just far too complex to allow for such a minor piece of eye candy. Aside from that, even though the contrails of sniper shots are deemed "unrealistic", especially for a futuristic weapon, for reasons of gameplay balance they will almost assuredly return as well.

UPDATE: In the Public Beta, the viewscreen is a vector rendering and not a full-color video image as in Halo 2.

BR 55 Battle Rifle

The BR55 Battle Rifle is a UNSC gas operated projectile weapon. It firest a larger caliber bullet than an assault rifle, giving more power but also more recoil. The BR55 is restricted to three-round bursts of fire.

The rifle is an excellent all-around weapon. Its biggest problem lies in its magazine capacity - allowing only 12 shots before reloading.

NOTE: The closest thing that Halo and Halo 3 players will likely get to the much adored M6D pistol of Halo 1, the go-to weapon in nearly every situation, both in Campaign and Multiplayer. Some bemoaned the lack of a single shot firing mode that was demonstrated in the Earth City video, but it doesn't appear as if that is changing in Halo 3.

M 90 Shotgun

Shotgun Silhouette

The M90 Shotgun is the resident UNSC close combat weapon. Because of its extreme stopping power, the M90 is often wielded in tight or confined conditions, where the close ranges are conducive to the shotgun's mode of operation. It is, however, a very large and heavy weapon.

NOTE: A Bungie fan favorite since the WSTE-M of Marathon 2, we can only hope that the shotgun returns to its glory of Halo 1 as an absolutely deadly close quarter weapon. In Halo 2, at times it was more effective when intentionally aimed off-target, even with little to no lag involved, due to the weapon's spread pattern. While the above text lists size and weight as tradeoffs, these are not gameplay considerations as Halo does not consider encumbrance.

This weapon's appearance and designation (M90) are identical to the SMG's in Halo 2, which would seem to indicate minimal, if any, changes.

UPDATE: Shotgun fans, your boat has come in. In the public beta, the shotgun just works. Just aim and fire; at close range, if your target is in the reticle, they are dead. End of story.

MA5C Assault Rifle

AR Silhouette

The MA5C is a fully automatic, air-cooled, gas-operated, short-to-mid range weapon. The weapon houses an onboard electronics suite, including a screen indicating rounds left in the magazine. The weapon's power is described as falling somewhere between the MA5B Assault Rifle, and the BR55 Battle Rifle.

NOTE: With the form factor liberally cribbed from Aliens, the Assault Rifle is back in Halo 3. The dual-wieldable SMG was supposed to take this gun's place in Halo 2, while the BR provided more punch in situations that required it. However, neither was a suitable spawn weapon: the SMG was too weak, the BR too strong. The new AR should strike a middle ground between the two, as this text indicates. Look for it to be a default spawn weapon for many multiplayer game types, as it fits Bungie's requirement for that weapon: it isn't dual wieldable, and it doesn't do head shots. Hopefully it'll be less spray-and-pray, like the SMG, but also not as weak as the original AR.


SMG Silhouette

The SMG is a UNSC issued, gas operated projectile weapon capable of continuous fire. The impulse-to-mass ratio of this weapon necessitates that the user constantly readjust aim during sustained fire. The SMG's main advantage is its high rate of fire.

NOTE: Expect the SMG to be the same kind of wide-spread bullet hose it was in H2. Despite the illogic of the situation, Spartans with super strength will still have this weapon climb on them. Very likely the balancing of Halo 3's weapons in multiplayer will come from changes to other weapons and reducing the use of the SMG, rather than changing the weapon itself.

This weapon's appearance and designation (M7) are identical to the SMG's in Halo 2, which would seem to indicate minimal, if any, changes.

M6G Pistol

Pistol Silhouette

The M6G Pistol is a typical UNSC sidearm. It fires high explosive bullets with a relatively fast rate of fire and good accuracy. While hardly a sniping weapon, in the hands of a trained marksman the M6G can remain very accurate over long distances.

NOTE: Halo fans went crazy when this text first indicated that the pistol has a zoom, but Frankie snuffed that one out pretty quickly. That the error managed to get onto the website underscores that this material was probably produced by a third party with access to Bungie materials and with Bungie's approval, rather than by Bungie itself, much as the I Love Bees ARG and the Halo2.com site was during the promotion of Halo 2.

M9 HE DP Fragmentation Grenade

M9 HE DP Fragmentation Grenade

Unlike the plasma grenades used by the Covenant, human fragmentation grenades bounce, rather than stick, when they hit surfaces or targets. Like the plasma grenade, you can carry a maximum of four at a time.

Detonates after one half of a second after impact, and has a blast radius of 15-30 feet.

UPDATE: This weapon is expected to be in Halo 3. Exact designation and specifications are unknown. However, it is expected that due to the addition of Spike Grenades, the maximum number of frag grenades you can carry will be reduced from four to three.

UPDATE: In the Halo 3 Public Beta, the number of grenades per type that can be carried simultaneously is in fact two.

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