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Scorpion Silhouette

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NOTE: As of this writing, Halo3.com does not have any text for this vehicle except for the above. This may indicate the vehicle will undergo significant changes from its Halo 2 counterpart, and perhaps those changes are not yet finalized.


The D77H-TCI Pelican is an extremely versatile craft used primarily for transportation of personnel and equipment by the UNSC. Standard armament consists of one class-three externally powered projectile weapon at the fore of the vehicle and one class-one gas operated projectile weapon mounted at the rear in the extended crew area. More heavily armed versions exist.

NOTE: Prominent mention is made here of the Pelican's armament, which is interesting. Pelicans in Halo 1 had no visible armament at all. In Halo 2, we did see chainguns mounted on Pelicans, but they were rarely used except in cutscenes, and never usable by the player, who takes only one Pelican ride in the game, and that one ends in a crash.


Mongoose Silhouette

The Marines' fastest ground vehicle is the M274 ULTRA-LIGHT ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE or 'Mongoose'. Essentially four wheels and an engine, this ATV can travel very fast over nearly all types of terrain.

Because it possesses no defensive or offensive capabilities whatsoever, Human troops have been known to seat weapons specialists on the rear seat to provide firepower during combat.

NOTE: The Mongoose was originally slated for inclusion in Halo 2, but didn't make the cut because none of the game's missions had a unique role for the vehicle to play. Anywhere it could be used, a Ghost or Warthog was deemed to be more suitable. Unlike the Warthog, it only seats two instead of three; unlike the Ghost, it can seat two instead of only one. Unlike both, it has no weapons of its own, the only Halo vehicle that is completely unarmed; even Pelicans have weapons, at least starting in Halo 2, even if they aren't usable by the player.

With a higher speed than a Warthog and an ability to carry two players, unlike a Ghost, one can easily imagine the utility of this vehicle in objective multiplayer games, as well as in cooperative campaign play.


Warthog Silhouette

Warthog is a generic term for a series of UNSC ground vehicles. These light reconnaissance vehicles sacrifice technology for flexibility and reliability. The Warthog is affectionately known as the 'Hog' by UNSC soldiers.

NOTE: The Warthog underwent a major series of changes between Halo 1 and Halo 2. Indestructible in its first iteration and coming in only one flavor, with the rear-mounted LAAG cannon, Halo 2 saw the Warthog become destructible and boardable, like all vehicles, and gained the Gauss cannon variation previously only seen in the port of Halo 1 for the Mac and PC. The specialized variations for various terrain, or those designed to carry more soldiers, appear to be forever relegated to the scrapbook.

The control and feel of the vehicle was also significantly different, with the H2 version far grippier and less likely to slide through corners, although perhaps just as likely to flip.

No word here on what mounted weapons we can expect, although I'd be hoping the Gauss returns. Text on Bungie.net that referred to a LAAG cannon that could be temporarily removed from a Warthog to serve as a turret seems to have been merely flavor text not designed to describe gameplay features.

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