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Currently structured under the UNSC (a military command government), Humans find themselves damaged after years of fighting against the Covenant. Primarily a peaceful, exploratory species, Humans have attempted several diplomatic outreaches in this conflict, all ignored. Human occupied worlds have been destroyed and the current population has dwindled to almost nothing. Earth is currently being occupied by a Covenant archaeological/military force.

NOTE: The bias towards humanity might indicate, understandably, that the content of Halo3.com is meant to mimic what might be human intelligence information or possibly propaganda. Certainly the Covenant perspective, that humanity trespassed upon and colonized sites sacred to the Covenant, is not represented here. The perspective on the war is perhaps presented in the bleakest terms to date.

Sgt Johnson

Sgt Johnson Silhouette

The battle-hardened Sergeant is the longtime cohort of the Master Chief. No other human knows the Master Chief as well as this capable and brilliant marine. Johnson is that most singular of soldiers; a professional who's never more at home than in the thick of battle, and a loyal fearless warrior who will do anything for his men, and his homeworld.

NOTE: Odd that Johnson is referred to as knowing the Chief better than anyone else, given that one would assume from the novels that this would apply either to some of his trainers or perhaps to Dr. Halsey. It would seem this information, like much of the content of Halo3.com, is aimed squarely at those who may or may not have played the previous games, but have definitely not read the novels.


Cortana Silhouette

Cortana is the highly advanced AI (UNSC's most sophisticated) at the heart of the Pillar of Autumn spacecraft. Her design allows her to be uploaded into an appropriately configured battle suit, or to represent herself in holographic form.

After helping destroy the first Halo by piggybacking on the Master Chief's armor, she formed a closer bond with him - but that bond was wrenched apart by events on Delta Halo. Her last known location was aboard the Flood-infested Covenant capital ship, High Charity, in the thrall of the Flood hive intelligence - the Gravemind.

NOTE: While often referred to as a "smart" AI, as compared to simpler constructs, this is the first reference I remember seeing that positively identifies Cortana as the single most sophisticated UNSC AI. Despite a lot of material in the novels regarding her espionage and intelligence-gathering functions, these are conspicuously absent here.

Master Chief

Master Chief (real name John-117) is the last of the Spartan II warriors - an elite group of genetically superior, highly trained super-soldiers.

Spartan 117 is expert in all weapon and combat systems. He can run faster, jump higher and hit harder than any normal human. He is the perfect weapon, honed by years of battlefield experience and possessing a natural talent for war, unmatched by anyone left alive. He is our last and best hope.

NOTE: Here we see again the Chief referred to as the "last Spartan" even though events in the novels would indicate that other Spartans are alive and active elsewhere in the Halo universe. Given that not everyone reads the novels, it seems that this is done to underscore the Chief's uniqueness within his own context rather than to contradict the novels directly. Given how consistently this has been done since Halo 1, it seems reasonable to assume that other Spartan IIs will likely not appear in Halo 3, either as playable characters or as NPCs.

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