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Trip Mine

Unlike a grenade, this incendiary device waits for a nearby target to passby, triggering it, and catching victims in its wide blast radius.

If you spot one, approach it closely but cautiously and you can defuse it, in a process similar to that for arming a bomb or capturing a territory. In some game variations, doing so with more than one player speeds up the process.

NOTE: Information from the beta version subject to change!

Power Drainer

This piece of deployable equipment will drain opponents' shields; as such, it's sort of an anti-bubble shield. The device is round, sort of like the bubble shield seen in early beta footage, while the bubble shield now looks more like it did in the CG TV ad. Don't get them confused, or you'll drain your own shields and make yourself a sitting duck!

NOTE: Information from the beta version subject to change!

Bubble Shield


Shown here in its "Starry Night" television commercial version, the Shield Bubble, also sometimes erroneously called the Bubble Grenade or Shield Grenade, is a piece of equipment that can be "deployed" using the X button to form an energy barrier that protect the player temporarily from weapons fire and explosions, but not from vehicle collisions. Other players may also penetrate the barrier.

Word is that these items will be rare on the map, so don't expect to see many of them being used at once.

In alpha footage, the device was large, somewhat round, and rolled when deployed on an incline. Later footage showed it somewhat more similar to this device in appearance, and remained fixed in place when deployed. Word has it this is the incarnation that will appear in the Public Beta on May 16, 2007.

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