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Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle, Halo 3

Today's entry in the Halo 3 weapons guide is the Plasma Rifle. (Halo 3 only has the single, blue Covenant plasma rifle, as the red Brute plasma rifle has been removed.)



Today's entry in the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Spiker, a dual-wieldable weapon of Brute origin.


Covenant Carbine

Today's entry in the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Covenant Carbine.

Spike Grenade

Spike Grenade Silhouette

A new addition for Halo 3, the Spike Grenade works a bit differently than frag or plasma grenades.

Like a plasma grenade, it will stick to targets. Unlike a plasma grenade, it will also stick to walls, floors, and ceilings. Also unlike a plasma grenade or a frag grenade, it unleashes damage in a conical pattern away from the surface to which it sticks.

Full lowdown on this weapon can be had from Bungie.net:

Brute Grenade Top Story

UPDATE: In the Halo 3 Public Beta, the number of grenades per type that can be carried simultaneously is in fact two.

Energy Sword

Energy Sword Silhouette

A combination of ceremonial elegance and practical power, the twin-bladed Energy Sword can be used as a slashing melee weapon, or in correct fighting technique, the wielder waits until the opponent reaches a perfect distance and lunges forward in a ferocious attack.

NOTE: So it looks like the melee lunge is still in, which means that fall damage is out. No word on how the weapon actally works, though. In Halo 2, the weapon was limited in campaign mode like all Covenant energy weapons, but in multiplayer it was unlimited. Will that remain? Time will tell.

Brute Spike Rifle

Spiker Silhouette

Holding 40 spikes per magazine, this vicious and dangerous rifle is favored by Brutes and in fact, is based on their native pre-Covenant technology. Old as its technology is, the rapid firing razor-sharp projectiles can tear through armor and flesh with ease.

Detailed specifications are available from this Bungie.net feature story:

The Spiker

NOTE: It's only fitting that with the Brutes' new roles as the preeminent force in the Covenant, they should get a new weapon. Or, in this case, an old one. Think SMG for monkeys.

Particle Beam Rifle

Beam Rifle Silhouette

A hand carried particle beam acceleration weapon. Its range is basically only limited by its five or 10x zoom scope, and atmospheric conditions. The rifle carries a power cell good for up to 18 bursts and charges very rapidly for a weapon of this type.

NOTE: Again a Covenant weapon largely designed to be comparable to a human weapon, although the rate of fire and the ammo capacity is handled differently. Here, as with most weapons besides the Needler and the Carbine, you pick up a Covenant weapon, use it until it is drained, and then discard it, since you can't recharge it. Presumably the Covenant are not so restrained.


Carbine Silhouette

An unusual Covenant projectile weapon, this powerful, accurate and scoped weapon effectively shoots tiny fuel rods of fissile material. The shielded auto ejecting magazines each hold 36 rounds of radioactive ammunition.

NOTE: With only the Halo 2 iteration of this weapon to go on, and itself largely being an analogue to the human battle rifle, it's hard to say whether this weapon will return largely unchanged or whether it will get a makeover. What we do have here is an explanation for why this weapon works different than most Covenant weaponry, by connecting it to another weapon, the fuel rod gun, which is notably absent from the existing lineup of Covenant weapons in Halo 3, aside from their integration into Hunters' suits.

Brute Shot

Brute Shot Silhouette

Firing explosive grenade-like projectiles, this Brute weapon is also furnished with a razor-sharp, stock mounted bayonet used in close-quarters combat. With only four rounds per ammo belt, the Brute Shot is effective, but limited.

NOTE: The fact that I can't use this weapon effectively at all (except for melee attacks) probably isn't nearly enough reason to warrant making changes. The balance of small capacity against the ability to bounce around corners and do significant damage in general works quite well.


Needler Silhouette

Razor sharp crystalline projectiles are fired from this elaboreately designed Covenant weapon, and it is widely believed that they use heat and organic signatures to home in on targets. Although easily deflected by energy shields, the needles cause a chemical reaction in close proximity resulting in an explosive effect.

NOTE: Hello needler, my old friend. Here we see a neat explanation of why the weapon works the way it does: that it seeks not only heat, but also "organic signatures" which I suppose explains why it doesn't track other hot bodies like vehicles. Bungie keeps saying the needler will become an effective weapon, when really what it has been all along is Halo's best weapon for just having fun in campaign mode, since its explosions alternately inspire awe and laughter. However, in multiplayer, it's about the last thing you'd ever pick up. Will Halo 3 change that, finally? It remains to be seen.

Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle Silhouette

A common light weapon used by Covenant forces, the Plasma Rifle uses plasma technology firing directed energy bolts instead of projectile ammunition. The plasma rifle is particularly effective against shielded bipedal opponents.

NOTE: Why bipedal? Wouldn't it be as effective against anything? Nothing else really worthy of note; aside from the rate of fire and overheating/cooloff timing, there's not much to tweak here. Expect the same weapon you're used to.

Plasma Pistol

Plasma Pistol Silhouette

The Plasma Pistol, like the Plasma Rifle, fires directed energy bolts instead of traditional projectile ammunition. This Covenant weapon is capable of quickly firing low-powered shots, or of charging a single high-powered blast which can rapidly deplete energy shielding. This high powered shot makes the plasma pistol a formidable strategic weapon if used in concert with other infantry weapons.

NOTE: The Plasma pistol got a series of small tweaks that added up to quite a different weapon in the interim between Halo 1 and Halo 2. Will history repeat itself? As one of a very small number of weapons with target-seeking capability (the others being the Needler and the Rocket Launcher) there is an added characteristic to balance; not just the weapon's range, strength, and rate of fire, but also to what degree the projectile will adjust its path to follow a target.

Its ability to completely drop an enemy shield made it indispensible during Halo 2's campaign, and also led to the controversial "noob combo" technique in Halo 2 multiplayer. That aspect is retained, it seems, although it is perhaps worth noting the use of the word "rapidly" above instead of "completely".

Plasma Grenade

Plasma Grenade

Dormant until activated, Covenant plasma grenades will "stick" to targets, killing most targets (in Halo 1, anyway) and causing damage to nearby units, including disabling shields. As in the first game, you can carry up to four of these. In the first game, they were carried by both Grunts and Elites.

The plasma grenade has a blast radius of 30 feet, and detonates three seconds after coming to rest.

UPDATE: This weapon will also be in Halo 3. Any changes to specifications are as of yet unknown; however, indications are that because of the addition of Spike Grenades, the number of Plasma Grenades that can be carried at once will be reduced from four to three.

UPDATE: In the Halo 3 Public Beta, the number of grenades per type that can be carried simultaneously is in fact two.

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