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An extremely versatile craft used primarily for transportation of Covenant personnel and equipment. Phantoms are the Covenant's equivalent of a Pelican class human dropship but boast far superior firepower and the capability of reaching greater speeds and manueverability.

NOTE: This vehicle made its debut in Halo 2, replacing the tuning-fork shaped Covenant dropship that was quickly forgotten and never mentioned again. While cool-looking, it seemed out of place amongst the organic curves of nearly all other Covenant designs. Where that vehicle had a single large plasma cannon, the Phantom gets three; but at least the player could destroy the cannons and send the vehicle running for cover. Expect more of the same for Halo 3.


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NOTE: As of this writing, Halo3.com does not have any text for this vehicle except for the above. This may indicate the vehicle will undergo significant changes from its Halo 2 counterpart, and perhaps those changes are not yet finalized.


This fast-moving single-seat craft is used for scouting and assault missions, but its speed, maneuverability and flexibility make it almost ubiquitous in all Covenant activities. Armed with twin plasma cannons, it fires sustained bursts of superheated plasma with deadly force. If it has a weakness, it's an inability to turn during boosted speeds.

NOTE: If Halo 3 is anything like Halo 2, I hope you like blowing up Ghosts. With any luck, the environments will be a little bit less linear, so Ghost drivers don't have to line up for the privilege of being blown into bits by the Chief. Aside from the addition of boarding and boost, like the Banshee received, the Ghost was little changed from Halo 1 and will likely make it into Halo 3 much the same as it was in Halo 2.


Banshee Silhouette

The Banshee is the Covenant's standard ground support aircraft. It is very fast, extremely maneuvarble, and capable of a limited hover. Power-sharing with its built-in booster makes it incapable of firing while undergoing rapid acceleration.

NOTE: The change in the way the Banshee flew from Halo 1 to Halo 2 was arguably the single largest change in any single element of the two games. It went from being something akin to a helicopter to something like an acrobatic glider on steroids. Despite clamoring from certain quarters for a return to the original's feel, it seems Halo 3's Banshee will fly much like Halo 2's did.

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