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Got a trick to submit? Send text and pictures, if any, to narcogen@rampancy.net. At the moment I'm unable to host a large number of trick videos, but if you have an especially good one or you have another place to host it, send me a link and we'll see what we can do.

UPDATE: Many of the tricks and glitches on multiplayer levels do not work after the 1.1 AutoUpdate, or do not work as well. This includes things like sword flying, sword cancelling, and various methods of exiting levels and pulling items like flags through geometry.

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get to the top of hotel zanzibar negi springfield Outskirts

first you will need to be on co-op and you must have sputnik skull

okay start off by u getting on to the roof tops and making your way to where the pelican comes and gets johnson.
do 'not' jump to the floor, instead make your way to the right side of the broken bridge

now get your partener to come to you if he has not come allready and use him as a step to
get on the building with the slanted roof and make you way to hotel zanzibar using the step technique(if your partener cant get up get him to kill himself).

once your there look for a small niche between the hotel and another building from here walk down until you see the edge of the map you can now grenade jump to the top of the hotel

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More Guns Nearby narcogen Cairo Station Okay, this isn't so much a trick as a failed attempt at one. Like many players taking their first spin on the wheel of pain that is Halo 2's Legendary difficulty setting, I got hung up on the second hangar bay. All my marines were dead, all my weapons empty, all my grenades gone, and there were still about a half-dozen Elites pacing back and forth behind the portable shields. One of them wielding a sword. [image:8926 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] I tried arming the Marines in the room with better weapons: plasma rifles, battle rifles. No apparent effect. I tried using the plasma cannons on the upper balcony: out in the open, though, you only last a couple of seconds, which wasn't enough to take out a significant number of Elites. Running away is no good because the passageways in the floor to the next area don't open until you kill everything in the room. view 09.01.07 53
Half-Jaw Is In Control narcogen The Great Journey An exchange in the HBO forum led me to try and follow the instructions to bring the Spec Ops Commander, lovingly called Half-Jaw for his mutilated mandibles, to the Control Room of Delta Halo at the end of the Halo 2 level The Great Journey. view 09.01.07 53
Will The Real Prophet Of Regret Please Stand Up narcogen Regret

Halo 2 trickster extraordinaire Vernon "vshields ash" Shields has spent an enormous amount of time-- literally hundreds of hours-- exploring the depths of the infinite enemies scenario at the end of the level Regret, to try and see if anything different happens. So far, he's seen quite a bit. Through object overload, he's made Regret disappear (as well as other enemies, visual effects, and bits of furniture) as well as made over a hundred of the Prophet's chairs appear out of thin air. He's seen the Prophet stand up out of his chair, as well as utter bits of dialogue nobody else has heard. He's seen a silver grunt that fires several times faster than normal, as well as five different variations of the ending cutscene for Regret (one of which was parodied by Stuntmutt's latest One One Se7en).

All of this was achieved without modding.

This epic thread at High Impact Halo summarizes most of his observations, and also links to a video of these tricks made by Duelies from ash's advice. (Apparently there's a tape with more stuff like this on it, can't wait to see--Ed.)

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Ben Caught In Money Shot narcogen Regret

M0N3y 5H07 posted in the Bungie.net forum that he found the "Hi Ben" easter egg on Regret referred to by Frankie in the abandoned tower. Other users captured videos: RapidShare, Putfile. Frankie was expected to give the solution in this week's What's Update.

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Scorpion Flipping narcogen Delta Halo

This one from Oliver Stuart :

After you clear the platform with all the shields so all the humans can land (i've only tried in a scorpion), you can shoot the shields and park the scorpion on top of them. When they come back while the scorpion is on top of them, you start driving and it will catapult you around that part of the level. It doesn't help much, but it's fun to do.

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Use Banshee Against Tartarus narcogen The Great Journey

This one is fairly well known by now, but Jim Glover sent it to us first:

When you get the banshee to defend the Scarab, do everything as normal but where he destroys the door, break off the Banshee's wings; from there fly through the door and into the room where there are lots of brutes. Kill them, then fly full speed into the last part of the level. Once the you regain control run back to the banshee. If you flew it far enough, it should be there to use to kill Tartarus.

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He Likes To Push The Buttons narcogen Regret

..but not ride the elevator. Dark Helmet finds a way to get outside the underwater elevator in Regret.

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Sword Flying narcogen Metropolis

The Sword Flying trick was first extensively demonstrated on Metropolis. The procedure for executing it is somewhat complicated; it involves parking a Warthog in an area where a Phantom attacks, targeting the plasma sword on one of the Phantom's turrets, and then waiting until the Phantom has withdrawn before exiting the vehicle. You will be propelled in whatever direction you face; this method can be used to extensively explore the level, including otherwise unreachable areas and is a way to retrieve the Scarab Gun without a Banshee (although you can't get back down with it...)

Basically it seems as if the sword lunge attack has issues dealing with targets that are out of range, and this is one manifestation of it; it may be possible in other levels as well.

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Pelican Riding KingKorn Metropolis

Later in Metropolis, Cortana says there some marines in a building who need help; she wants you to go into the building where there is a gunner on the roof and the Scarab is coming straight toward you and shoots a Scorpion. Instead, don't go in; grab a Warthog and go up the second ramp, the one closest to the entrance where some marines are standing. Park it and get on the roof. In a short time , you'll see a Pelican zooming in and stop right above you. Jump up and press Xand you'll board the craft. Note that you will not see any text on the screen that indicates you can press X; just press it anyway. At the end of it's flight, it slams into the ground and does a ton of unpredictable flips that are hard to dodge. Chances are you'll die the first time. For some odd reason, the Pelican sometimes crashes in the water but you will levitate above the surface of the water. It's cool, try it.

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Phantom Riding KingKorn Metropolis

The Metropolis level has a lot of cool stuff in it, but it's also a bit tricky. Get to the middle of the bridge where there is a hole in it that reveals the tunnel below. As soon as you get a checkpoint, get out and kill any passengers riding on your Scorpion, because if you don't they'll probably shoot down the Banshee you need. Kill one of the banshees but leave the other.

Hijack the remaining Banshee, dodge the Phantom's attack and shoot the three guns off. Right about now it'll start fleeing so chase it to the end of the highway. It'll start to lower a Wraith and this gives you a chance to jump out and onto the top of the Phantom. It'll carry you out of the level; the invisible wall won't effect you, as they only appear to affect Banshees.

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Banshee Jacking KingKorn Metropolis

Now, this trick is 2 in 1. This should probably be attempted at the Easy level of difficulty. Grab a Warthog at the beggining of the level. Drive to the end of the bridge and you will see a tunnel. Drive down the ramp backwards so the Banshees flying around outside notice you and come in after you. When you get to the first half closed door, kill your marines so they dont shoot down the Banshee. Get the banshee to follow you through the big yellow doors then kill all the ground units in that section. Again, there is another set of closed doors you need to figure a way to get the Banshee to follow you through. Once its through, blow off one wing so the Banshee can fit through a tunnel you'll come across later. Get the banshee to follow you into the room with the red lights, pause, get a drink, then resume. Now the banshee is trapped in this room so u don't have to worry about it flying away from here on. Get it to lead the way down the tunnel and stay close to it. As soon as you see the loading screen, press X to board the Banshee. If you've done it right, you've now got a Banshee. As soon as you get out of the tunnel, fly straight towards the bridge above and grab the cool new object on it. Or, fly to the door exiting the room w/ 4 waterfalls and look at the building thats broken near the middle. Fly into the hole and here's another freaky new object.

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Scarab Eats Warthog narcogen Metropolis

Warthog On Scarab Bigwig pointed out it's possible to get a Warthog up to the set of bridges in Metropolis that you drop down from to board the Scarab and destroy it; beyond that, it's possible to actually drive the Warthog into the Scarab. He captured a few short films, which we combined into this small movie (download requires login; click the headline above and then look for the attachment below). The quality isn't great, but you can make out the Warthog getting into the Scarab.

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Exploring The Rooftops Of Old Mombasa Speedy Outskirts





hidden sword


We were promised goodies for explorers in Halo 2, and Old Mombasa delivers a truckload of them. Getting up on the roof of any building is pretty easy, and from there it's normally a short hop away from anything else. Up top, you'll find weapons galore- hidden sniper rifles, ammo, and even an energy sword tucked away in the top floor of a building away from the battlefields. And don't worry about getting stuck in bad places if you miss a jump- Bungie has piled up crates and vehicles so that getting out is always an option.

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Outskirts Carneyhole 1 ZexGX Outskirts







ZexGX found this Carneyhole in the Old Mombassa area of Outskirts. It contains a skull, a pile of grenades, and a camera. Looks almost like a gravesite.

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