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Balloonheads on Midship

On the bottom of Midship, there are two energy shield type things that glow bright turquoise. They look like 1/4 ovals. Have one person stand facing the shield, touching it. Have another person assassinate the first person. The first person's body will fall partly into the shield. Whichever part falls in, becomes uncontrollably shaky and deformed. Sometimes, heads will stretch out until they start flipping around like balloons on rubber strings.

Contortions On Turf

The little cylindrical structure, medical station on the bottom level of Turf is one of the glitchiest places in Halo 2. Have one person stand inside the structure, and another person assassinate the first person while staying inside the medical station. If you do this right, the dead body will flop around and slap himself in the face with his arm. To make the person slap their self, they have to be lying on their side. If they are on their back, the arms will only constantly twitch.

06022006 Halo 3 Weekly Update, Halo 2 Playlist Changes

Well, as fans of the Webcam can appreciate, the power went out in our building about an hour ago, so I am typing this from the basement of a Kirkland abattoir. And that, ladies and gentlemen is why it's short and lacking any real art. I lost an entire day's work. Sorry. I don't have access to our servers. So the Bungie guys and gals took the afternoon off and headed to the local Tiki bar.

Marty just got back from the PLAY! concert event in Chicago (his old stomping ground) and he is pleased as punch. He got to meet some of his (and my) all time musical heroes, including Koji Kondo (Mario Bros) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy).

The rival, but equally awesome Video Games Live concert series is still rocking out, and actually you may even have time to pick up tickets for tomorrow night's (Saturday June 3rd) Philadelphia concert. You'll see some of the greatest video game music ever composed, performed by some of the most talented musicians in a live environment, complete with some cool light show stuff as well as other surprises. Marty's partner in crime Mike Salvatori will be there and he might even sign your boobs in Marty's absence.

The concert details are:


And Marty will be attending future concerts in the series. You can find out more about those HERE. Marty also promises to give us his concert impressions next week.

Some of our sharp-eyed fans may have noticed Marty hinted at an upcoming documentary on Bungie.net. It was supposed to be a surprise, but since the man himself gave it away, we can in fact reveal that we have a documentary short that shows the process and people involved in making the E3 trailer, complete with some never before seen scenes (think angles, really) from the trailer. This was the goodie I had hinted at in a previous update.

Ninja just banned about 500 bridgers, network abusers and boosters. We don't say that to show off or rub their faces in it - we're saying it as a warning, that the behavior is easily noticed and will not be tolerated. So if you know any of these miscreants, you might want to warn them that they are not safe from the Banhammer. We also banned a bunch of modders to, but that's a different process. And yes, we know cheating and modding are a problem and we take it seriously. We work very hard, every single day to address it.

We do normally give you information about matchmaking playlist updates and changes, but I don't usually get this excited about them. Specifically, for my tastes, Team SWAT is my all-time new favorite. Sure, I'm fickle, but I had such a blast playing this during test that I am positively giddy with expectation about its deployment.

The funny thing is, I'm not a huge Hardcore or even BR fan, but for some reason the pacing of the SWAT types in this playlist made this HUGELY enjoyable to me. It's so fast - pop, pop, pop, you kill 'em, pop, pop, pop you die! But you respawn so quickly that it kinda doesn't matter. You're blasted straight back into the action in a couple of seconds, ready to avenge your death.

Big Team Playlist changes are also cool, but really, I'm drooling over the possibilities for fun and frolics on the Team SWAT list. See you suckers online, but until then, here's NinjaOnFire's detailed breakdown of what to expect.

Here is a detailed list of all changes being made in the June 2006 Playlist Update. Feel free to comment on these changes, but if you wish to discuss them in detail please visit the pre-existing threads dedicated to them. You can find those threads linked from the READ ME FIRST and HOT TOPICS sticky threads in the Optimatch forum.

New Playlist Lineups

  • Team SWAT
  • Big Team Playlists

Global Changes

  • Clanmatch has been removed
  • Team SWAT (unranked) has been added
  • Big Team Battle and 6v6 Team Battle have been removed
  • BTB Skirmish (ranked) and BTB Slayer (unranked) have been added

    note: BTB Skirmish will retain rankings from Big Team Battle

Rumble Pit / Rumble Training

  • Rumble Slayer BR on Terminal and Relic have been removed
  • Rumble Slayer Covenant on Ivory Tower has been removed

Rumble Hardcore

  • Ivory Tower has been removed from the lineup
  • Carbine and Sniper gametypes have been removed from the lineup

Team Slayer

  • Team Slayer on Lockout has been weighted slightly higher

Team Slayer / Team Training

  • Team Slayer on Colossus is now Team Rifles on Colossus

Multi-Team / Team Training

  • Team Plasma Wars now has starting grenades


  • Team Ball on Ivory Tower has been removed
  • Team Multiballs on Ivory Tower has been removed

Team ActionSack

  • Combo Training on Foundation, Gemini, Turf and Warlock have been removed
  • Rocket Neutral Bomb on Colossus and Sanctuary have been added
  • Sniper Assault on Ascension and Lockout have been added
  • Neutral Snipers on Colossus is now Multi Flag Snipers on Colossus
  • Ninja CTF on Beaver Creek, Colossus, Midship and Sanctuary have been added
  • SWAT Balls on Elongation, Midship and Sanctuary have been added
  • Phantom Swat on Gemini, Midship and Warlock have been added
  • Minimum Slayer on Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary and Turf have been added

Oh and since I have no access to our servers, I had to make an Ascii Mister Chief.



Zanzibar Out Of Bounds

First, it is possible to hop back thru the invisible wall. Just Ghandi-hop ( crouch-jump + crouch again) onto the small ledge on the wall of the level, and jump right past the concrete wall back on to the roof.

Second, it is possible to get past the invisible wall without a "dummy-guest". Just have your friend who already got thru stand in the same corner on his side and jump. The guy who is still on the roof side sword-cancels him and squeezes thru the crack no dummies required.

Third, you can get back up from the beach-side OOB territory. If you both are down, butterfly or sword cancel. If one guy's down and the other is up, the guy who's down finds the highest point on the giant rock and just sword cancels the guy up top.


On Top Of Relic

It's pretty easy, just hit the shield things where the warthog spawns over to the tower and you have to shoot a rocket just above the little black bar, on the dot. You need overshields too, or else you die. It takes a few tries but you can get up because there is no invisible wall. Good luck.
July 7th, 2005 12:20 A.M.

Zanzibar Superbounces by Outsanity

Note: The first superbounce is done on the side of the wheel that is looking toward the base, and the second is done on the side that the seawall is visible.

1. Get on the side of the wheel where the big crate is, across the gap from the sniper rifle and above the plasma rifle and the 2 grenades. There is a corner where the wheel merges with the ground. Crouch-walk into it, and your screen will start mildly shaking. Next, you have to jump out, and when you are in the air turn around so you are looking across the way at the sniper. Run and jump at the last possible moment toward the railing that is on the side of the ramp leading up to the sniper. Right when you land on the railing, press “a�. Generally, if you do a regular jump, you pressed “a� too late, and if you did a really small bounce, you pressed it too early.

2. Get on the opposite side of the superbounce in #1. There is another corner to crouch-walk into. But first, I shall explain where you want to land. See the big crack in the cement on the ground? If you stand at the edge of your elevated position, you should be able to see it. Ok, now crouch-walk into the corner. The same thing should start happening, a little shaking of the screen. Jump out and turn around in midair, and walk to the edge of the platform you are on. Jump first, then hold forward, hit the middle of the crack, and hit ‘a’ right when you hit the ground. You should, if done correctly, zoom up. While you are shooting up, you should be holding the direction of the wheel. You will hit the invisible wall capping the place, and start to fall rapidly, so it is kind of hard to actually get on top of the wheel. Note: sometimes, if you hit very close to the actual spot, you will get launched sideways or even fall through and get killed by the guardians.

Invisible Things

These from Donald Fournier:

  • In any level where the Energy Sword is, grab it then look at your shadow (you have to be on a map where you can see your shadow, or else it will not work). Put it away by taking out another weapon, then pull out your Energy Sword while looking at the ground. You should see his hand move and pull out the handle, but, when he turns it on the blade doesn’t show up in your shadow.
  • On Zanzibar, the sun is invisible in the Sniper Rifle’s scope; it sees what you see but when you point it at the sun it doesn’t show up on the scope.
  • While in the passenger side of the Warthog with any weapon, press B to melee. The Chief will melee, but the action is not seen.

Superjump On Coagulation

This from David Moody:

Go to the red base. You can do this at either base, but red base I find
is a bit easier. Go to the rear of the base, where the Banshee flies
out. Go up the left side of the double ramp. Look to the left
on the base and there should be a small hole between the wall of the
base and one of the pillars on the base. Look a bit above the
hold and jump. When you get clsoe to the hole, crouch and try to get
stuck in the hole. Once stuck, there is a small brown box (its the
inside of one of the things that you are in, right in front of you, it
looks like a brown box). Look at that and hold foward. Tap A and you
should hit the ground and fly up. For a double jump, aim into the
telport and you go through and bounce again.

Superjump On Zanzibar

This from David Moody:

Go up the ramp into the base on the gate side. Turn left and there
are 2 windows. Break the glass on the one that is farther from you.
There should be a triangular piece of glass sticking out on the wall.
Face the window frame (looking in the direction of the seawall) and
position yourself under the pice of glass. To do this you need to
crouch, and if done right you will be crouched if you let go of the left
thumbstick. Now, the tricky part. Hold forward and try to stay crouched
under the pice of glass. Try not to move. Your reticle should start
shaking a bit when you are ready. Now, tap A while still
pushing forward. If done correctly, you should hit the ground and go
flying upwards on top of the base, possibly hitting the ground and
bouncing again.

Getting Outside Ivory Tower

This one from Saberweaver:

To get on top of Ivory Tower...go to the Overshield spot with at least three people in a custom game. There is a little square to the side of the Overshield...have one guy stand in the left back corner (if he is facing the Overshield). Have your Primary weapon as Rockets, and Secondary as Sword. Back up about a few feet away from the person in the corner, hit the melee button using the Rocket, and it should lunge you forward (but not hitting the guy in the corner). After you hit the button, immediately hold right and you will fall through the map (this takes some practice). Right after you start to fall through, hold back like crazy and you will land on this long grey, thin ledge below the map (also, takes some practice). Have another guy do the same thing. Go all the way to the left, next to the column that's connected against the wall, and Sword cancel all the way to the top of the map! Now you can walk and basically see everything that's going on below you!

High Jump Off Wraiths

This one from Eli Wimmer:

I have a cool trick that sends you flying high. Start on a large map that supports wraith tanks. Then, set weapons to sword and preferably not mandatory overshields and put in the Wraith tank in also. Get one guy in a Wraith tank and the other on foot and face each other. The man on foot will aim slightly below the nose on the tank. Now, in one quick motion jump so the reticle is red on the tank and the tank use its boost as the player on foot lunges by press 'right trigger+X', you will bounce off the tank and fly really high. This can take practice and you have to have good timing.

Getting Outside Coagulation

You need to have a Spectre and go to blue base. Next, behind the base and up along the rock wall, keep sliding to your right if you're facing the rock wall, or to your left if you're facing the base. Then you will hit a little ramp on the wall where you can ride up. Once you ride up, slide to your left while facing the wall and as soon as you hit the darker rock, you have to boost until you get onto a ledge where you can stand. Ride the Spectre to the invisible wall and get the nose over the edge just slightly so that when you get out you end up on the other side of the invisible wall. Hint: make sure the invisible wall is on the left side of you and your vehicle.

Weapons and Encounter Times

Halo 2's weapons, compared to Halo 1's and perhaps compared to other shooters, work or combine in such a way that the average time of any given encounter is greatly reduced. This makes any latency you are experiencing a greater percentage of the total encounter time than it would be if it took longer to get a kill, and places a lagged player with dual SMGs going up against a player also with dual SMGs is at a greater disadvantage than if both players had single SMGs.

Other, more diligent Halo fans have already compiled hard data on this, showing the time required to kill with various weapons and combinations under various conditions, including melee kills and whether or not a weapon gives special damage for head shots. In some cases, the time required for a kill is less than 1.5 seconds. If your ping is above average, say, 250ms, then you are behind your opposition by more than 15% of the total time required to kill. If you are similarly armed, similarly accurate, and engage each other simultaneously, you will lose. You need to be more accurate, better armed, and/or begin firing more than 15% earlier than your opponent in order to give yourself the same chance at victory than a player with a lower ping has.

The sword, shotgun, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher are, if used properly, all essentially one-hit-kill weapons. Going up against a similarly armed player (as in a games of shotties or swords or rockets) means, that if players are equally accurate, the one who shoots first wins. This is nearly always the player with a decent ping compared to anyone over 250ms, as if you fire earlier (i.e., further away) you're more likely to miss and thus lose in any case.

Various combinations create a similar effect; the use of the plasma pistol either with the BR, the human pistol, or the SMG, greatly reduce the time required for a kill and thus increase the advantage given to the player who fires first.

However, some elements of those combinations, as well as grenades, are likely to cause you some frustration because of the way Halo 2's network model works. When you toss a grenade or fire an overcharged plasma pistol, you'll see the set of arm-animations almost immediately. You'll see your arm move as if you're tossing the grenade, but the grenade itself won't actually appear, move, or explode until the server recognizes that you've thrown it-- by which time you and your target have both moved. The same goes for the plasma pistol bolt; its range and homing effectiveness is apparently reduced from the first game, so to be sure to get a hit, you have to be closer. But since you're counting on that landing to lower your opponent's shield and get the quick kill with another weapon, you have to make sure it's a hit. It's very easy to charge in with the plasma pistol and then go for the easy kill, only to be shown mere fractions of a second later that your plasma bolt never landed, meaning you're toe to toe with another player with full shields.

Encounters in Halo 2 end differently and more quickly than those in Halo 1. Given the player's relatively small amount of health in Halo 2, both compared to the original game and compared to the maximum level of Halo 2's shield, combined with the faster recharge of that shield, means that confrontations are driven to a conclusion faster than before. Long standoffs and evasions are less likely; encounters are more likely to be decisive, ending either in a clear victory for one player and the quick restoration of that player's health (given time and cover), or in mutual annihilation of two or more players.

As a player with a high ping, you're going to wish you got at least a fractional score for Assists; especially if you're avoiding the difficult-to-use one-hit-kill weapons in favor of dual wielding. You're going to do a lot of damage but not get as many kills. The trick is to try to do your damage at the end of encounters rather than at the beginning.

Basic Multiplayer Glitching

First to the easy stuff, most of all people know that crouching in mid air can gain you up to about a foot of hang time (amount of time in air) and height. Well, we're lucky to have and know this because you will need it.

This trick text is very long. Click the trick title for the complete entry.

Wraith Boost Jumping on Headlong

On Headlong, put a wraith on the map and give every one an overshield. It is best if you modify an existing game type and have everyone start with overshields. Then go to the area where you can get a Banshee, look at the building and turn right, go staight, then to the middle section of the lower wall. Have one player go with their back straight up against the wall, and have another player in the wraith go as far back against the wall across from the other person. Then boost the wraith right into the player against the wall, and they will fly up, possibly up to the crane in the middle of the map, or onto one of the other high buildings (if you're lucky).

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