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Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or ODSTs for short, are the toughest of the tough among the human ground forces (Spartans excepted). They are basically heavily armed and highly trained paratroopers.

Master Chief

Master Chief The Master Chief, John-117, is a Spartan II cyborg with Mjolnir armor. In Halo 1, he wore Mark V armor, but is expected to get an upgrade to Mark VI in the sequel. He is shown here brandishing a shotgun. Like Covenant Elites, he has a full-body self-recharging energy shield that deflects energy and projectile weapons. It was, at least in part, reverse engineered from Covenant technology. Due to the Mjolnir armor and their numerous genetic and cybernetic enhancements, the Master Chief and the other Spartans are tougher, faster, and stronger than all other human ground forces.

Sargeant Johnson

Sargeant Johnson Sgt. Johnson survived Halo 1 after being killed (at least once, if not more) and was not assimilated by the Flood because of Boren's Syndrome, a disease he contracted from hanging around too many plasma grenades. Johnson declined treatment for his Boren's Syndrome to get back into battle more quickly. The effects of the disease on his nervous system led the Flood infection form to reject his body. Boren's Syndrome is named after Brannon Boren, keeper of the Halo Bible and, as of this writing, working on Matrix Online. Johnson is shown here with a battle rifle. In Halo 2, you can exchange weapons with the Sarge or other human units.
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